Police Sabotage Democracy Advocate Initiative Trust (DAI) Protest Against Mugabe’s “misrule”

HARARE: Police on Wednesday sabotaged a demonstration organised by lobby group, the Democracy Advocate Initiative Trust (DAI), against President Robert Mugabe’s “misrule” which has caused the “suffering of citizens”.

The youthful organisation had planned to march from the capital’s Market Square bus terminus to Parliament where they intended to hand over a petition.

“We approached the police, their Police Internal Security intelligence (PISI) last week and handed over our application for the march as required by the law,” Shepard Chidhakwa, DAI founder and chairperson, told NewZimbabwe.com.

“Today in the morning we went there (Harare Central Police station) and they said they were going to come back to us.

“We obeyed their order and went back. We then called them after realizing that the time we had planned to march was lapsing but they never called us back.”

He added: “Police are still using the old laws which require organisers of public gatherings to give them at least one week notice before holding their meetings.

“Over the years the police have been using these laws to prevent opposition political parties and pro-democracy movements from holding meetings with ordinary citizens.”

Chidhakwa said they are going ahead with the march on Thursday.

“We are not going to be stopped by the police from handing over the petition which has many issues which we want to be urgently addressed.

“People are being sacked from employment but the President is not acting,” said Chidhakwa.

“Vendors are being harassed for trying to earn a living. Government promised jobs but what we are seeing is the reverse of their promises.

“So we are saying President Robert Mugabe should go, and that is the aim of the march and the petition”. source-newzimbabwe

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