PRESIDENT EMMERSON MNANGAGWA promises to increase war vet monthly pensions

Zimbabwe’s war veterans, earn a monthly pension of US$206 but as we are in the dying minutes of election campaign for the 2018 harmonised election, Mnangagwa is clearly in the vote buying campaign mode, as he promised during an interface with the veterans of the liberation struggle at City Sports Centre in Harare on Friday afternoon, to raise the pensions.

Lest you forget, this comes just about four months after Mnangagwa gave out 52 brand new four wheel drive double cabs to chiefs, and deployed over 2000 soldiers across rural areas. Remember rural areas are the stong hold of the Zanu pf party and inaccessible to opposition and activist campaigns.

In January 2018 the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Emerson Mnangagwa promoted six Brigadier Generals to the position of Major General, then in February 2018 Mnangagwa promoted 20 Zimbabwe National Army senior officers from from the rank of lieutenant-colonel to the rank of colonel, seven colonels to the rank of Brigadier General , and now within afew hours of promising to raise war veteran pensions, Mnangagwa has promoted 10 Squadron leaders to the rank of Wing Commanders.

Mnangagwa, then went on, in April 2018 to reinstate 3 700 national youth service workers or ‘green bombers/ Zanu pf militia, who had been dismissed towards the end of 2017.

This is the same regime that did not hesitate to fire 15,000 nurses who were protesting for better working conditions and wages, while at the same time threatening to do the same if teachers dared to protest on schools opeing for the second term of the year recently.

At this point in time,even after his promises of dealing with corruption, no one has been convicted or jailed for corruption yet. www.newzimbabwevision can actually warn the public that it is nothing but a false claim that corrupt people will be arrested, look at the US$15 billion thief Robert Mugabe, his corrupt cousin Chombo,

We know that AIPPA and POSA have not been repealed and there have been no electoral reforms put in place by Mnangagwa, Mugabe was rewarded with US$10 million and immunity from prosecution for past crimes and Chivhayo and Obert Mpofu look set to live free lives. It however makes sense for Mnangagwa to leave Mugabe, Chombo, Chivayo, Mpofu and all corrupt people as they are all sources of revenue to prop up the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf, securocrats and militarised regime, while receiving state protection.

The military fought and won a protracted liberation struggle, until 1979 leading to Independance and black rule on 18 April 1980 It is folly to imagine that Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats removed Mugabe in November 2017, so that they can hand over the country on a silver platter to democrats.

It is unheard of, to remove a military regime by ballot, it usually only succeeds when accompanied by chaos, violence, and at times, war, basically a gun to remove a gun. However Zimbabweans are a peaceful people and set to suffer more under the oppressive authority of Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats,

I keep stating that, the best way forward is to acknowledge the sacrifice made by the military, twice for Zimbabwe, firstly during the armed struggle for independance, and to have Mugabe as the first black leader then next in November 1917 to free the people from Mugabe.

They then need to negotiate a peaceful exit for the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, guarantee them immunity from prosecution for past crimes including gukurahundi, murambatsvina, 2008 election violence, chiadzwa helicopter murders, murderous white farmer evictions, assure them that the land redistribution will not be reversed, and guarantee them that they will not lose their property, houses, farms, businesses and other, except that multiple farms will be redistributed to deserving people on the waiting list.

It is only after giving this regime such guarantees , that they can actually step down and hand over the country in a peaceful manner to a transition government, that will lead the nation to a fair electoral process for a proper government, that we can actually begin to see real change in Zimbabwe and move forward in a peaceful, progressive and prosperous manner.

The problem is that people’s judgement is clouded by cheap , immature political rants, promises and empty student type promises, instead of mapping out a real safe and achievable road map for Zimbabwe’s future. You can only beat these people by working with them, because they have the gun and power to determine your future. Wake up Zimbabwe!

For example, the MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa recently promised to build rural airports, sphaghetti type roads, provide bullet trains, allow the coronation of a Ndebele king and to install WIFI at each rural homestead, claiming “Even goats will be able to have access to the mobile network,”.

The MDC T president said “Wherever one is, even if they are in their own house or at their small house, then they will be able to access mobile networks.” However he has been sent on his backfoot because of his immature utterances and has “sincerely apologised” for his gender insensitive political banter that caused social media outrage this week.

Recently Nelson Chamisa said he would give his sister, 18, to Emmerson Mnangagwa if the Zimbabwean leader won the forthcoming elections, while addressing Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters in the United Kingdom.

“If Mnangagwa wins 5% in a free election, I will give him my sister. I have a sister who just turned 18 and looking for a husband. It torched a storm with women’s rights groups.

Even downright childish is Chamisa tweeting that the British prime minister Theresa May, came to greet him in parliarment,…how silly! A British prime minister is a people person, accessible to all, treats people like equals and humbles themselves before the people, will sit on public transport, like a train, mingle with the public freely because they are the people’s servant, not the other way round, so down to earth that meeting them is as special as seeing your neighbour in the morning,… a non event, nobody cares, and the government gets on with it!

What the people of Zimbabwe need to understand is what a future leader has in store for the country, including Service delivery in transport, housing, health care, education, roads, electricity, employment and other critical issues directly affecting the lives of the ordinary people, and most importantly how all ideas that are tabled are going to be funded.

All that we are hearing is bullet trains, wifi goats,rural airports, and other shallow or empty promises that do not put food on the table. Yes the people want change, but we should not rush into change for the sake of change with no direction or hope for a better future for everyone. We need tangible ideas and plans including source of funding, cost, implementation and guidance on measurement of success.

In my book, we need assurance as an electorate on how to protect our rights and that means breaking all barriers created by Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats, including recalling apresident from power as a party or a vote of no confidence by parliament, impeachment, bringing the president to account for promises on their manifesto, safeguard against corruption, monoplolisation of power and abuse of authority and power. If it kept Mugabe in place and it is not democratic, then it must be completely removed,…Wake up Zimbabwe, stop blindly worshipping student politics and open your eyes to the reality before you. We need substance, not rural airports or wifi goats, sphaghetti roads, or other cheap vote buying propaganda from whoever you vote for, be it MDC ALLIANCE, Zanu pf or any of the over 120 political parties contesting the 2018 harminsed elections.

Its interesting that they are generally silent on the real issues, and all focused on power, least of all, the welfare of the people. Wake up Zimbabwe,…Vote wisely! More news to follow.

Many people suffer from the brainwashed following of political leaders, who speechify nothing but big sounding words with little or no substance at all. is there to unravel the truth for you, so that you can all make more informed decisions on voting.

Zimbabwe must now move past the time wasting politics of slogans, high sounding nothing’s toyi-toyi, waving fists and open palms and now unite to remove the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart and securocrats regime . We sill endeavour to always publish news without fear or favour, because people power removed Mugabe and people power will remove any leader who fails the people now, irrespective of how long they have served their mandate. Zanu pf, Mnangagwa, MDC T, MDC Alliance, and Chamisa are the only political figures of note in the 2018 elections and therefore they are figure of immense public interest so,..for now,..they are your daily news, or hate any of them!

As for, its irrelevant who leads beyond the 2018 harmonised election. It is about the policies they have to offer, whether they can provide a good business environment that attracts investment by the global village, gurantee peace, give the ordinary street person a better life through a good Service Delivery in education, health care, housing, employment. We are there to stimulate debate that generates progress but the choice of what change is best for you, its your vote that counts.

The latest update we have, is that Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice Justice Luke Malaba has granted an order for the urgent hearing of the MDC T Nelson Chamisa vs Thokozani Khupe matter before the Supreme Court on the 22nd of May 2018. Advocate Thabani Mpofu represented the MDC T while NCA leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku appeared for Thokozani Khupe

Remember Lovemore Madhuku is a politian and a lawyer at the same time. He is the same person representing the corrupt former Home Affairs Minister , Mugabe’s cousin Ignatius Chombo. Chombo has not been jailed for all his corruption and multimillion dollars, yet another victory for Zanu pf, and again Lovemore Madhuku is representing Thokozani Khupe in the MDC T case and has so far won the use of MDC T logo and name by Khuphe, yet another victory for Zanu pf because it ultimately destabilises MDC T preparations for the 2018harmonised elections.

Read into the game and question, why lawyers Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube, who in the 2013 NIKUV election, were adamant that MDC T leader Tsvangirai should not go ahead with elections unless and until Electoral Reforms were put in place, yet now, they are quiet and watching him dig his own grave by walking into an election against Mnangagwa with no Electoral reforms in place, yet another victory for Zanu pf because of the disorder and total destruction of the once powerful MDC T opposition.

Mnangagwa is deliberately rushing the MDC T court case only to ensure that they maintain the MDC T split by legitimising Khuphe’s claim to MDC T leadership and party rights, while destroying Nelson Chamisa. This would actually cement our opinion, that Nelson Chamisa who has already given up his Kuwadzana MP seat, can not fight the battle on the MDC T logo, and Khuphe can effectively recall Chamisa from parliament as he is there on an MDC T ticket. The alternative would be for the MDC Alliance to use either Tendai Biti PDP or Welshman Ncube MDC logos, and the respective leader to contest the election and represent the MDC Alliance.

The loggo issue is critical because noone can register Zec wiithout one in the election, therefore all the last minute pressure is designed by Mnangagwa to destroy Nelson Chamisa and MDC T because once they lose to Mnangagwa they become irrelevant forever, while PDP and MDC become more significant and relevant in future politics, a platform for building the next fight against Zany pf. We all know that the people must unite and rally behind the government in place for the sake of progress and development irrespective of which party they prefer so if Mnangagwa wins, we all have no choice but to work together and rebuild Zimbabwe,..Mugabe is gone,..lets unite! . This is why www.newzimbabwevision does not align itself with any party.

When all is said and done, the real winner in all this , is Lovemore Madhuku as he can stand against Mnangagwa in the presidential elections with no credible challenge against him.
Effectively whether Zanu pf, MDC alliance or any of the 120 or so parties win the election doesnt affect our existence, its all about the environment and this time, unlike the oppressive Mugabe days, we will always be there to keep order by keeping Zimbabweans informed, bring accountability, push for development that improves the lives of the ordinary people,…no political alignment. We have no favoured choices, seek no favours and therefore prioritise longevity by not aligning with any political party, because they generally fizzle out after a few years, but will transcend generations as we all work together to develop the motherland Zimbabwe .. .now you have been schooled! Vote wisely!

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photo-Sibusiso Ngwenya at 10 Downing Street-British Prime Minister Theresa May’s residence. Its a free world, so don’t be brainwashed by over excited Zimbabwean politiacs wanting to create a false aura of importance in a British prime Minister. Zimbabwean leaders must learn to be down to earth, accessible and one of us if they expect our support,..nothing special about any Prime Minister in the First word,..wake up Zimbabwe, stop worshiping leaders!

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