PRESIDENT MNANGAGWA AT THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN USA has admitted that Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, is contaminated with raw sewerage , welcome to Zimbabwe! Zimbabwe is open for business!

PRESIDENT MNANGAGWA AT THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN USA has admited that Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, is contaminated with raw sewerage , welcome to Zimbabwe! Zimbabwe is open for business!.. hmmn..The same President ‘ediot’ who in January spent massive amounts on brand new double cabs for chiefs, later building new roads from main roads onto the chiefs homes for their new cars, then flying Grace Mugabe on a private jet for US$1,4 million now tells zimbabweans that..’I say to all you brainwashed Zimbabwean ‘ediots…pfeeeeeee…cholera is here..enjoy!
Now you know why Harare has such lush green lawns, leafy vegetables and shiny round fruit, beefy cattle which feed on the raw sewage fed grass and drink the polluted water that the nation is so proud to be,..cholera for everyone, this is the place to be!
Our contacts have indicated that Zimbabwe’s main challenge is that the constitution has the death sentence but no one wants the hangman’s job almost two decades now even though it comes with perks such as a beautiful wage packet, housing, transport and other perks. Zimbabweans still prefer to murder others and risk being jailed or sentenced to death even though they can legally kill in the hangman post. However after the questionable Zanu pf victory, its becoming clear that the government has found a way of killing without shooting or touching people, simply give them Harare sewage contaminated water gushing out, infact if you listen carefully you can hear the raw sewage clearly hissing ‘pfeeeeeeeeeeeeee as it gushes out,..come quickly, Zimbabwe is open for business,.we promise to ease end your suffering,..I think! Arent we all proud to be called Zimbabweans!
According to the president, this is a result of dilapidated and obsolete infrastructure, which causes regular outbreaks of waterborne diseases due to water and sanitation management in the country, case in point cholera in Zimbabwe. He said that water and sewer reticulation system is over 60 years old, pipes leak and trade contents which freely flows inbetween the two.
While Mnangagwa says the government will put a US$63 million programme to replace the obsolete sewer reticulation system overwhelmed by the massive population growth in the capital Harare, the Harare mayor Herbert Gomba says that Harare city needs an estimated US$180 million to US$200 million for this venture along with US$1 billion for dam construction in order to meet required fresh water supply needs.
Sometimes sarcasm will shock people into the reality of what is happening. This raw sewage scourge cant be escaped by anyone living in Harare, whether in high density areas, posh suburbs, restaurants, hotels, schools, planes or any place that is topped up with or uses Harare water for cooking, washing fruit and vegetables, pots, pans, glasses, gives that water for drinking, sells beer canned or bottled drinks and supacools or freezits and anything else,..well the people celebrated the removal of Mugabe and replacement with Mnangagwa and they even voted Mnangagwa into power, here comes the cholera,..4000 dead in 2008,I wonder how many will die this time,.. now we wait! can only advise the world that consuming water in Harare, be it at home in high density surburbs or the posh end of the capital, restaurants, hotels, poor or high class, tourist centres, schools, hospitals, trains, planes, eating takeouts or food cooked in restaurants, hotels, flights in or out of Harare, consuming soft drinks or alcohol , milk, vegetables and fruit washed in Harare water, is simply ingesting raw sewage from the dilapidated system,..the president has spoken! Water anyone?
.Come to the beautiful city of Harare, we look forward to your custom,..we will look after you and give you something to take away and remember the occassion,..yes,..cholera! We Zimbabweans will look after you, and be generous with our sewage contaminated water, cholera for the whole world,..we love you all,..welcome to Zimbabwe! Zimbabwe is open for business, we will happily give you everything for free, let those who dare,..come,. HIV, cholera, you name it we will give it out free and spare no expenses in swiftly splashing out guaranteed death to all who dare come to our capital Harare,..what a good hearted people we are,..we look forward to seeing you! We have special offer flight tickets, budget hotel prices, plenty raw sewage, boiled, fried, raw, frozen, spiced and all sorts for you,.guaranteed disease,..just aquestion of when or how it will affect you, but we have it all on offer for you, now don’t miss out on the cheap offers,..zimbabwe is open for busisness,.all ediots are wlecome whether diasporans or foreign visitors, please come fast because land is running out fast ,..erm touch the raw sewage polluted water and you will need a burial plot,..come fast,Zimbabwe awaits you! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.
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