‘PRESIDENT Mugabe is in full control of Zimbabwe and doing his work as mandated’, VP Phelekezela Mphoko


PRESIDENT Mugabe is in full control of the country and is doing his work as mandated, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko said yesterday.

His remarks follow a Constitutional Court application filed by the leader of a shadowy group Tajamuka/Sesijikile spokesperson and former MDC-T youth leader Promise Mkwananzi, who is seeking an order compelling President Mugabe to step down on allegations that he has failed to properly run the country.

In his application, Mkwananzi claims that President Mugabe is incapable of carrying out his work due to advanced age and was failing to properly execute some of his duties as stipulated in the country’s Constitution.

VP Mphoko described Mkwananzi as an ignorant young man, who had no idea of President Mugabe’s duties and the country’s electoral systems.

“I find it strange for someone to say President Mugabe is not doing his work. The President is fully in control of the country and he’s doing his work as expected as the Head of State.

“This young man called Mkwananzi is lost. He should not be blaming the President for what is happening in the country because he [the President] is a victim too. He should confront his uncles in Britain because they’re responsible for imposing sanctions on the country and brought a lot of suffering to the people of Zimbabwe,” said VP Mphoko, at an event where he donated 3 000 day old chicks to residents at Iminyela grounds.

He said Mkwananzi should wait for the 2018 elections if he wanted a change in the country’s leadership.“The President works hard every day and performs his duties as expected. He works from Monday to Friday and attends Cabinet meetings. He also meets various envoys and attends to all other issues that need his attention. Mkwananzi has no idea what the President’s duties are and this is a wrong channel that he’s using. We elected President into power through elections in 2013. If he wants to rule this country or someone else to take over, he knows what to do in 2018,” said VP Mphoko.

The VP also slammed Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary general Mr Victor Matemadanda for alleging that there was no democracy in the country.

During an interview with the Voice of America recently, Mr Matemadanda said when Zimbabwe fought the liberation struggle, it was against an unfair colonial system as opposed to a racial war.

He, however, said the same issues that Zimbabweans fought against are still prevailing in the country after independence.

VP Mphoko accused the war veteran of being a sell-out.

“It’s sad to hear people like Matemadanda turning against the President and calling for the Rhodesian government to come back. He’s a sell-out and what he’s doing is embarrassing,” said VP Mphoko.

Mkwananzi recently appeared in court in Harare for allegedly stoning VP Mphoko’s Choppies supermarket in Harare together with 20 others.

Mkwananzi and his accomplices reportedly moved around the central business district where they approached members of the public standing in queues at various banks and told them that there was no money in banks because VP Mphoko “was a thief.”

They alleged that the Vice President was stealing cash from banks to sustain his Choppies supermarkets and to pay hotel bills at Rainbow Towers in Harare.

Mr Matemadanda is part of a group of war veterans who were arrested recently for allegedly undermining the President’s authority. By Pamela Shumba. source-chronicle

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