‘Probe Companies Owned By Judges Following Their Supreme Court Ruling’-Jacob Mafume

MDC Renewal spokesperson Jacob Mafume has said it is necessary to probe the companies owned by Judges following their Supreme Court Ruling which granted companies permission to dismiss workers after giving three months notice.

“Oh had I been an editor for the day just one day when the Supreme court judgement was issued . Black Friday for workers would have been my heading,” said Mafume.

“Workers of Zimbabwe unite would have been another. I would send reporters to look into the companies of the judges who made the ruling , was it because they also want to fire workers from their failed farms and enterprises. I would looked for commentators to describe and predict the jobs genocide that was to follow . I would look for the Human stories of the persons fired. I would put a running monitor on the jobs lost daily by whom and where .I would look at cabinet and predict they would not help , for they also run failed business.”

He said he once mentioned this in the fuel sector as the reason why our prizes never go down. “And Joram Nyati queried,” said Mafume .

“This is what happens when the leaders are conflicted, quick to forgive their reserve bank debts pretend to be clueless when workers suffer. Do a random check of the cabinet Obert Mpofu with his failed banks, farms and newspapers is delighted . Who among them does not have employees he needs to fire . Then there are the sex perverts now who have a three months notice without reason up their sleeves, refuse to bed and three months you are out.”

Mafume said parliament wont help either they would rather talk about …God Knows what ? They also run failed tender based companies the whole sorry lot.

“We are a vampire state , the strong run rampant like they are on steroids, the weak talk about trivia,” he said.

“The irony was that I was receiving calls to talk about grace-less grace from those who are about to be fired. Comrades we are now in a true class struggle across the board . It’s the animal farm scenario. we cannot tell the difference between the pigs and the humans. This what you get when you allow the politicians to get licences for every business in the country media, fuel , telecoms , transport , mining , farms etc.” He said at first it was the opposition who were rigged on elections and the country stood by.

“Secondly it was Mujuru and company and the nation took out more popcorn,” he said.

“Now they have rigged the labour law and it’s the workers .I am sorry to say comrades it is just the beginning if we do wake up. I say again Workers of Zimbabwe Unite …oh I forget me and my English imagery ..here we go. Things Fall Apart …or maybe that too is borrowed …so here goes nothing ..The beautiful ones are yet to be Born or even closer to home… Coming of the Dry Season.Now am trapped it is one big House of Hunger.Let the collective wailing and weeping begin comrades it is going to be a long weekend.”
– Source-bulawayo24.



photo-MDC Renewal spokesperson Jacob Mafume

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