MDC T CIRCUS-PROF MADHUKU to challenge the constitutionality of Khupe’s expulsion from Parliament following a recall by Chamisa MDC-T faction on Thursday says the MDC T circus is growing with each passing day. Firstly President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a trained Lawyer, then we also now have Advocate Chamisa versus Advocate Madhuku and Advocate Mnangagwa carefully watching developments while Advocate Welshman and Advocate Tendai Biti monitor developments, and Advocate Mwonzora also has interests in the MDC T crisis resolution. We can safely say, advocates are Zimbabwe’s downfall because of the fighting amongst themselves, hat some MDC T assumed would be swept away by allegedly elevating Chamisa unconstitutionally to being the MDC T president, and then dismissing Khuphe, and recalling her from parliament is turning out to be costly, because professor Lovemore Madhuku is now representing Khupe.
Lovemore Madhuku is the opposition NCA party leader and its in his interest to wreak havoc across the troubled MDC T and weaken the competition for the post of Zimbabwe’s president which he will be contesting. MDC T brought it upon themselves by dismissing Khuphe and treating her in this manner as the simplest way of dealing with her would have been for Chamisa to go for an MDC T council election which everyone knows he would have most likely won against Khuphe and ended any issues by uniting all MDC T supporters. However by treating her that way, MDC T has automaticaly lost a substantial folowing due to this disregard for their own party constitution and allowed the enemy Zanu pf to tactically destroy the party through fast tracking Khuphe court challenge and destabilising Zanu pf as the courts will only pass a judgement that upholds the rule of law and declares the rightful leader of MDC T should be, and we all know this decision will be the final nail in the coffin in the destruction of MDC T and the smooth run by Mnangagwa to a resounding Zanu pf victory,..what ashame, wake up Zimbabwe!
The latest development comes as the circus within the opposition party continues, with Khupe claiming to have also recalled Chamisa from parliament.
Professor Madhuku confirmed that he is approaching the Constitutional Court on the basis that Khupe’s recall from parliament at the instigation of a faction within a party is unconstitutional as she was in parliament because she was voted into office by thousands of people whose interests would be affected by the unlawful expulsion by parliament.
Madhuku added that he had represented Temba Mliswa, Didymus Mutasa and Tendai Biti, who faced the same fate and their cases had been dismissed by the late Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku yet there had been no written judgement to state the reasons.
The ugly legal battle playing out within the MDC-T comes at a time the 2018 polls are imminent and so far the clarion call for non-violence has been heeded with no major incidents of intra-party and inter-party violence recorded.
Source – zbc

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