Prosecutor Gnl Tomana, ’12 year old girls can have sex and get married’?

Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor General, ‘Zanu PF’  Johannes Tomana has come under attack and urged to resign for saying girls as young as 12 can have sex and get married.Normally 12 years olds are in grade seven.Tomana said some of girls want to start out in life early.His statements have ignited a barrage of criticism on social media.

Former cabinet minister and lawyer, David Coltart said he was shocked by Tomana’s sentiments.

“I am profoundly shocked by some of Prosecutor General Tomana’s comments regarding 12 year old girls & their sexuality

“In most democracies comments such as those made by Tomana would lead to them having to resign.

“Tomana’s comments show that the girl child can expect very little sympathy in our prosecutorial system & predatory men the opposite.”

Information minister Jonathan Moyo weighed in saying “Tomana’s view that 12 yr olds can consent to sex is outrageous & compromises his office!”

“If young girls were to be asked what they prefer, most would say they should be allowed to have sex after turning 12, Tomana claimed.

Journalist Sibusisiwe Bhebhe said “Absolutely no one in their right mind. Only a pedophile trying to justify what he wants to do to 12yr olds”

Chronicle Editor, Mduduzi Mathuth twitted “Society makes the rules. Children can’t vote, can’t work, can’t drive & they shouldn’t – why should we now accept they can consent to sex?”.

In his defence Tomana added , “If you look at it, we don’t have a framework for example, where we can guarantee that all our girl children are usefully engaged before they actually get above 18 years, we don’t have that,” he explained.

“We’ve nine-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds who’re actually not in school, who’re not doing anything for example. What are we saying to them? We say you can’t even do this [have sex], when the environment is not giving them alternative engagements? What are we talking about? Source: Byo24News

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