‘Qhubani Moyo Betrayed Matabeleland By leaving MDC For Zanu PF’-Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF)

Mthwakazi Liberation Front Secretary for International Relations Crispen Nyoni has blasted the former MDC official Qhubani Moyo for allegedly betraying the people of Matabeleland by dumping the party with his people’s aspirations to join Zanu PF just for his personal glory.
Moyo resigned from the MDC and joined Zanu PF a development which led him to be appointed as one of the Electoral Commissioners.

“The prodigal son,decided to prostitute for his supper! Like the Biblical Judas Iscariot, Enos Nkala and Dr Calistus Ndlovu among other known egocentricised political charlatans,chose self uplifting (through Zanu PF known engrained corrupt and lovesh lifestyles)at the expense of the people of Matebeleland,” said Nyoni in reference to Moyo.

“Some persons,when thought they would be part of a grand strategy apparatus in Mthwakazi politics,tend to sell out for personal glory when they must be an asset to radically change the politics in favour of Matebeleland /Mthwakazi He elevated himself to the rubbish in the eyes of the people of Matebeleland /Mthwakazi that is without an iota of doubt.”

Moyo has been posting pictures of himself while in other countries a development which many view as his glorifying of the chance that he availed himself to by choosing to belong to Zanu PF instead of remaining fighting for the cause of his people.

Nyoni’s remarks came after Moyo came out in the Herald claiming that people of Matabeleland were still stuck in the politics of vengeance instead of availing themselves to the chances that present themselves like it happened to him. by Stephen Jakes
Source: Byo24News

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