‘QUEEN BEE’ a.k.a KUDA TAGWIREI WHO IS PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adviser and Sakunda Holdings boss Kuda Tagwirei, has so far made millions , arguably from controversial deals including funding the Command Agriculture Scheme, will now make a massive profit of US$54 million in yet another questionable deal without going to tender.

‘QUEEN BEE’ a.k.a KUDA TAGWIREI WHO IS PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adviser and Sakunda Holdings boss Kuda Tagwirei, has so far made millions , arguably from controversial deals including funding the Command Agriculture Scheme, will now make a massive profit of US$54 million in yet another questionable deal without going to tender.

Mnangagwa continues to enrich his family and allies, while Zimbabweans foolishly believe that the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime cares about the country and the people-hmn-Wake up Zimbabwe!

Through a fresh bus purchase agreement with the Zimbabwe government, Tagwirei’s company Landela Investments, will import 500 more buses for the government at a unit price of US$58 900 each, from Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Company in China and then sell each bus to the Mnangagwa militarised Zimbabwe government for US$212 962 each almost four times the purchase value, meaning Tagwirei’s company will make a profit well in excess of 100%, at US$108 815 per bus, in total, giving Landela a profit of US$54 million from the yet again controversial deal after the Mnangagwa government pays Tagwirei’s company a total of US$106,4 million.

Already Tagwirei’s company, Landela , recently made millions of dollars through acquiring 162 buses for the Zimbabwe government -owned Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) in a murky arrangement, which the government, Zupco officials and Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Praz) officials failed to explain.

Landela sold each of the 162 buses it bought from Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Company for US$212 962 despite buying at US$58 900.

Initially, the Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf government and Zupco officials falsely claimed that Zupco had directly acquired the buses on its own.

The Independent understands Landela imports the buses on credit, as the company pays a 20% deposit, with the 80% balance payable a year after delivery.

The procurement procedures in the bus deal remain shrouded in secrecy as line ministries and Praz officials have distanced themselves from the controversial transaction.

Landela announced last week it will import 500 more buses to boost the mass public transportation system as the Zimbabwe government is in the process of phasing out private commuter omnibus operators (Kombis), using its own resources to import the buses for the government.

The company also has interests in mining. Landela is one of the companies that had its bank account frozen by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in September last year for allegedly being involved in money laundering and fueling the foreign currency parallel market.

Questions have arisen as to how the company clinched the bus procurement deal without going to tender.

The buses were bought through a dealer, FAW Zimbabwe, which has offices in Harare.

All the relevant ministries in the deal told the Independent that they were not involved in the deal in which the state-run Central Mechanical and Engineering Department (CMED) had a hire-purchase agreement with Landela.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister July Moyo and his Transport counterpart Joel Biggie Matiza both said their ministries were not involved in the deal.

The government has been hard-pressed to create the impression that it was directly acquiring the buses on behalf of Zupco, with Mnangagwa officiating at a vehicle commissioning ceremony amid pomp and fanfare in Bulawayo in November last year.

At the time Landela imported the vehicles, the Civil Service Commission also acquired 20 new buses from the same supplier to boost its fleet, raising questions as to why the government decided to handpick Landela to purchase buses on behalf of Zupco.

Mnangagwa has been going around the world, and in some instances with Tagwirei, with the government boasting he struck various deals including bus purchase agreements in China and Belarus but the transactions are shrouded in controversy.

The buses imported by Landela were reported by state media to be part of a consignment of 1 000 vehicles ordered from China and 500 from Belarus.

Tagwirei, who has been expanding his empire and enjoys close relations with both Mnangagwa and Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga both pictured with him here, also has dealings with the military and government officials. Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry revealed in a High Court affidavit that Tagwirei bought the vice-president expensive luxury cars.

Tagwirei’s flagship company, Sakunda Holdings, has been involved in controversial projects, including Command Agriculture, under which the company failed to account for about US$3 billion in public funds, according to Auditor-General Mildred Chiri’s 2018 audit report. The company was also awarded the Dema Emergency Power Plant project without going to tender, after an experienced United States company, which had won the tender, was corruptly muscled out.

A military regime comes into power through the ‘BULLET and no BALLOT’ will shift them. – the independent. Sibusiso NgwenyaAnyone who believes that Zimbabwe has ever been free, lives in cuckoo land. Zimbabwe has always been a militarised state since independence on 18 April 1980. A military regime comes into power through the ‘BULLET and no BALLOT’ will shift them.

Mugabe was removed in November 2017 by the same powerful militarised regime, who fought for liberation from Britain, and believe they fought for the land, minerals, and all wealth, so they have made millions from everything while impoverishing Zimbabweans, millions of whom live in forced exile. Zimbabwe can huff and puff about opposition buts its nothing other than a load of hot air, it will blow over soon and the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime will continue to rule until they decide whom they want to run the Zanu pf party and lead Zimbabwe as president. Its not your ballot that matters, its meaningless, its simply legitimising a stolen election for the international world but the truth is the millitary are pulling the strings. The Mnangagwa militarised Zanu regime came into power through the ‘BULLET and no BALLOT’ will shift them!

opposition need to stop wasting Zimbabweans time by imagining they can ever remove the filthy rich, oppressive, blood thirsty military powers who know very well that they risk losing all their ill gotten riches including, farms, firms, mansions, private jets, helicopters, luxury cars and stashed riches in banks, foreign accounts and in relatives names to any democratic government that re establishes the rule of law.

The only way, and I repeat, for the umpteenth time, the only way, you can ever unseat this militarisd regime, is for opposition to employ wisdom by uniting the people, all races, tribes, religions, gender, age and more, healing a broken nation, moving a united people forward. Zimbabwe has only one enemy to the people’s progress and development and that is the militarisd Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.

in 2017 , Zimbabwe celebrated removing Mugabe but that changed nothing as I always stated from the beginning, that removing Mugabe and replacing him with his right hand man for over 50 years, Mnangagwa to run the same militarised oppressive Zanu pf regime, same laws, equally ruthless, murderous, wealth monopolisers, changes nothing, here we are today its 2020 and its what I have said before! Wake up Zimbabwe, all opposition including their factions need to unite now under a single umbrella party, simply to face a common enemy to all which is the, Zanu pf Mnangagwa millitarised Zanu pf regime in the 2023 elections. lets remember we have over 5 million Zimbabweans spread across the diaspora in forced exile, primarily because of this ruthless Mnangagwa militarised Zanu pf regime.

These are voters who, if given an opportunity to vote can unseat Mnangagwa. A united opposition can make it clear from now that, short of Electoral Reforms by the Mnangagwa regime including allowing diaspora votes, opening rural areas to campaigns and voter education by the opposition, the removal of the military from rural areas, the return of the military to barracks, access to Zec voter Discs, removal of dead and non existent voters from the voters roll, the availability of International observers including SADC, AU, UN and other bodies to monitor a Free and Fair 2023 election in Zimbabwe then we all agree we will not participate in the 2023 elections.

Continuous opposition by the people both in Zimbabwe and across the diaspora, certifies what everyone knows globally that Mnangagwa is an off shoot of Mugabe,..absolutely no change and this helps to ramp up sanctions against Zimbabwe. We need to maintain afirm grip over the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, block any foreign investment both by individuals and the global funders such as the World Bank. Zimbabwe needs to be totally shut don and the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, forced out of power using the people power hold we have over the regime,..shut them down and don’t back down until they move out!

The united opposition needs to accept that they would be operating under one umbrella party, not MDC, not MDC T, not MDC Alliance or any other party, but a united people’s party solely united to remove the regime in 2023. Now is a time to swiftly get things in place and stop these time wasting dramas about removing Mnangagwa. Lest you forget, these military including Mnangagwa fear besides losing their criminal wealth, being locked up for their crimes against humanity including gukurahundi genocide, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa diamond genocide, murderous white farmer removal, murders and disappearances of opposition and Zanu pf.

The United opposition needs to sit down with Joint Operations Committe (JOC) which includes, the military, police, CIO, and so forth, and offer them a way out, including immunity from prosecution for their past crimes against humanity, assure them that their ill gotten wealth including millions in banks, farms, mansions, private jets, helicopters, firms, mines and more will not be touched.

The military dictatorship and Mugabe would have stayed in power until he turned 100 or died, whichever came first. His mistake was at 95 while enjoying his oppressive military rule, he allowed his 52 year old wife whom he was shagging in his office as his secretary when he was in her early 20s and he was in his sixties, to now flex her muscles, shake up the ruling Zanu pf leadership and force Mnangagwa out of hgis Vice Presidential post into exile for his own safety. The army immediately realised that if she was allowed to do as she pleased, she would take over Presidency from Mugabe who was by then elderly and senile, shake up the military and destroy anyone she felt was a threat to her rise like she did to Mnangagwa.

This is why the military, who hold the reigns, panicked as they realised she was a threat to the military, knew too much from the start of Zanu pf , including things Mugabe would never utter to anyone about Zanu pf since the early 60s except under the cover of darkness under the cover of blankets to Grace Mugabe. They instead , immediately forced out Mugabe whom they had protected all along and allowed to monopolise wealth and power while they looted, land, minerals, wealth, cash, businesses, and more, without fear of any legal repercussions, the real reason why they fear stepping down without the safety net I have continuously called for.

It has been 20 years in this mess under an oppressive militarised Zanu pf regime, no ending and we need progress, so the united opposition should look far ahead and start putting plans into place now, because its no longer about us but about future generations, our children and descendants, all races, all tribes, all religions, all gender all parties and more. This is a simple process which they will not come forward with because they do not want to sound weak but they are all looking forward to the opposition putting this in place and they will accept this peaceful exit from power and allow a Transitional Zimbabwe government to lead the country, restore order and the Rule of law, demilitarise the government, return soldiers back to barracks and move a united people forward.
Lest we employ this wisdom, thousands more just like over the last 20 years, will not see a free Zimbabwe, die in the diaspora or back home while the #BLACK OPPRESSORS OF BLACKS monopolise wealth and power,…wake up Zimbabwe!-DISCUSS!-Sibusiso Ngwenya-Independant

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Im Black, but I Can’t breathe,..don’t shoot,..Black Lives Matter!
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Photo-Vice President Chiwenga (L), President Mnangagwa (C), Tagwirei (R)

Photo-Vice President Chiwenga (L), President Mnangagwa (C), Tagwirei (R)

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