RACISM IN AMERICA at Starbucks-Reports from the US show that many people of colour, are racially profiled and discriminated against by the system

In what became a high profile case of racism, by the American society, two black African-American men who were quietly waiting for a business friend at Starbucks , were arrested by police for trespassing.

The pair had done nothing apart from peacefully sitting and waiting for their friend, were denied the use of the a restroom. As if that was not enough, a member of staff called the police and police arrived shortly afterwards and arrested the innocent pair.

This is clearly a demonstration of the level of Institutional racism in the police force and the Starbucks chain, as what happened to the pair on that day, was normal to the two organisations and the system, normalises such disgusting illtreatment of blacks.

Today, after tphone video clips of the arrest went viral, Starbucks stores will close for three hours starting at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m., across the US and train approximately 180,000 employees at Starbucks stores and at its headquarters in understanding prejudice and all aspects of bias and experience.

Although, police arrested the pair of black customers for t’respassing’, they later freed the pair without charges. The US police and Starbucks apologized over this openly racist discrimination demonstrated towards the two blacks.

WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM says that , while the response by Starbucks is a welcome one, it does not make up enough for the prejudice, hurt and emotional damage, not just to the two victims, but to all who witnessed it whether in person or across mainstream and social media.

This is obviously a simple publicity stunt by the Starbucks chain and will do literally nothing to change the Institutionally racist approach by the police and businesses. They need to do something more radical in terms of eradicating the racial discrimination, removing prejudices against blacks and affording blacks in US, equal opportunities in the society to any other US citizen, black, white, any race or tribe. DISCUSS! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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