‘Reading Zimbabwe’s Newspapers Is Like being In A den Of Monkeys’-Deputy Attorney General

Deputy Attorney General Kumbirai Hodzi says local newspapers are at the forefront of destroying Zimbabwe’s potential to develop as they neglect community development issues preferring to delve on trivial matters.

Hodzi was speaking at a Transparency International Zimbabwe function in Harare last week.

He said the state media which should be championing development were abusing their responsibility by focusing on trivial issues which do not benefit the nation.

“I have told everybody including the vice Presidents and even the President that I have stopped reading the newspapers because they are so….., they destroy your positive mind set.

“They are so negative whether they are state papers or other papers,” said Hodzi.

Local newspapers have, of late, been focusing on Zanu PF internal fights with some papers deliberately favouring particular factions and individuals.

There are reportedly fights between vice President Emerson Mnangagwa and the so called G-40 which is allegedly behind First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Other newspapers are giving acres of space to the sacked former vice President Joice Mujuru’s political project wishing her to contest in the next election and beat Zanu PF.

But, according to Hodzi, such political marketing and embedded journalism are killing the nation.

“They (newspapers) do not have a national narrative at the end of the day; it is like you are in a den of monkeys reading these things,” said Hodzi.

“Imagine when you are supposed to be positive you are being driven back even looking at the headlines.

“There are plenty of positive things that are happening in the country and what we need as a nation is to create a positive communication.” source-newzimbabwe


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