Registrar General, Says ‘Ban Contraceptives- Women Must Use Traditional Birth Control’ .???

Tobaiwa Mudede Registrar General has warned women against using modern birth control methods, claiming they caused the birth of children with several deformities, large heads as well as obesity in women.

Mudede said instead women should stick to traditional methods like tying a tree bark around their waists and to use withdrawal as a birth control method.

He accused the West of promoting dangerous birth control measures to depopulate developing nations.

In a presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Mr Mudede said the withdrawal method and rhythm (safe phases of the menstrual cyde) method could be used safely for birth control.

Committee chairperson Beatrice Nyamupinga said Mr Mudede was summoned to explain the dangers of birth control methods, especially Jadelle, which he denounced.

“Most women have panicked and are no longer sure of what they should use for birth control,” she said.

Mr Mudede said he received several responses and some threats and said this would not deter him from fighting for his cause.

“I am working in the interest of the nation. Birth control methods particularly Norplant has 51 side effects. Research has shown that Norplant was banned in America, where it was manufactured but is still being used in Zimbabwe.

“A study earned out by the University of California in the United States showed that participants who took birth control drugs for three years doubled their risk of developing an eye problem, glaucoma,” he said.

He pleaded for funding to support research on the natural birth control methods, which he said were being ignored as emphasis had always been on Western drugs, despite negative effects on users.

He said control of black populations in the world had been a Western policy since 1972 when Henry Kissinger, then director of the USA national security council suggested that population in the developing countries had to be controlled.

“This explains why millions of dollars are being poured into birth control programmes than into development projects.

“For the past 10 years, the Zimbabwean population has not been growing significantly due to the use of these drugs,” he said.

Mr Mudede’s counterpart, Mr Richard Hondo, a physio neurologist said side effects of the drugs included cancer, obesity, low libido, back pain, migraine headaches and bleeding, among other things.

Witnesses brought by Mr Mudede said they switched to natural methods after side effects such as decline in sexual drive, bleeding and eye problems.

Ms Chipo Matowanyika said she abandoned the pill after developing blood clots on her body.

“I also experienced headaches and developed pimples and this stopped when I started using the natural methods,” she said.

Mrs Moreblessing Shava said she bled continuously, gained weight and felt nauseous because of continuous use of Jadelle.

Ms Shingai Mandaza said: “I now rely on natural methods and I have since lost 12 kilogrammes,” she said.

Senator Hubert Nyanhongo said Mr Mudede’s project was noble but urged Mr Mudede to work with the Ministry of Health and Child Care to educate the nation,” he said.
Source: newsday

photo-Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede-nehandaradio

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