RETRACTED ARTICLE; An apology to Zimbabwe Army and NRZ.

RETRACTED ARTICLE: An apology to Zimbabwe army and NRZ

by Themba Khumalo

I Themba Khumalo being the author of an opinion piece which was published on and other platforms on the 27th of June 2022 titled “Demilitarize NRZ urgently” wish to unreservedly retract and apologize to the Zimbabwe Defence forces, Major General William Dube and Ms Respina Zinyanduko.

I erred in my analysis of the prevailing situation at the National Railways of Zimbabwe and derived an opinion from information I believed to be true at the time, being in Denver, Colorado in the United States of America I relied mostly upon information available on the internet and some sources without any means to seek clarification from the aggrieved parties.

Upon reflection and new information I now realize that my opinion was based on misleading information.

I hereby retract my opinion piece which has been removed from the publisher’s site and unreservedly issue my apologies.

Themba Khumalo
Denver, Colorado

Source – Themba Khumalo

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