‘ROBBING Bank of Zimbabwe’ RBZ Gov Mangudya to meet opposition #Tajamuka-political activist Promise Mkwananzi and his executive to further clarify the bond notes issue

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya is set to meet opposition political activist Promise Mkwananzi and members of his executive for a private dialogue today to provide further clarity on the soon-to-be-introduced bond notes.The meeting is part of RBZ’s awareness campaigns to educate the public and ensure they have correct information on the operation of the bond notes.

The RBZ is set to introduce the bond notes through an export incentive facility which is supported by a $200 million Afreximbank facility.

The move is meant to provide motivation to exporters to produce more while it will also ease the liquidity challenges.

Dr Mangudya told The Herald last night that the central bank will host Mr Mkwananzi and four members of his executive this afternoon as part of their campaign entails that they also engage opinion leaders.

“We invited Mkwananzi and four members of his team to come for private dialogue. We need to ensure that they channel out the correct information about what the central bank is trying to do.

“People from all walks of life should be well informed and have correct information on the operation of bond notes while at the same time we also listen to their views for the betterment of Zimbabweans,” said Dr Mangudya.

Officials at the RBZ public relations department emphasised that the meeting would be private contrary to what Mkwananzi and other activists had posted on social media.

In a video circulated on social media, Mkwananzi together with activist Fadzayi Mahere invited people to come in their numbers to the meeting at the RBZ offices.

However, an official from the RBZ said the meeting was not open to everyone and this had been agreed to by Mkwananzi prior to him posting the video.

The official said they had even emphasised it to him when they saw the video and he agreed that only his executive will be represented.

The RBZ has started its awareness campaigns which will see it engage people from all walks of life across Zimbabwe to educate them on how the bond notes will work.

According to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, the bond notes will only be released once the RBZ is satisfied by the publicity campaigns.

Dr Mangudya will be in Bulawayo to share with Parliamentarians on Saturday and with the Council of Chiefs and small scale gold miners. source-herald

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