Rural Teachers Association For Zimbabwe (RTUZ) Press Statement

The Protest Leaders who were arrested this morning by the Zimbabwe Republic Police Force (ZRP) are being held in detention at Harare Central Police Station.  The Rural Teachers Association For Zimbabwe  (RTUZ) have so far been prevented from speaking to their arrested colleagues but they are represented by the Zimbabwe Lawyers For Human Rights (ZLHR).

The Rural Teachers Association For Zimbabwe  (RTUZ) has issued the following-

PRESS STATEMENT:The RTUZ and Zimbabwe  Activist Alliance (ZAA) would like to applaud all members who heeded our call to participate in the much anticipated demo. All comrades gathered at Market Square at 9:30 a.m and peacefully launched the march towards the Ministries of Finance and of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare offices.

This march attracted the attention of many sympathisers some of whom joined us as we marched. As we got to Africa Unity Square ,we were confronted by Riot Police ,armed to the teeth, who forcibly took our Police clearance letter and gave all participants a thorough beating and arrested RTUZ president-Obert Masaraure, Secretary General-Robson Chere, Programs Officer-Pride Mukono, ZAA Coodinator Lynnete Mudehwe.

Many scattered into different directions after having been brutalised by the senseless police officers. This heavy-handedness by police was uncalled for , callous ,blatant disregard of human rights and diginity.

Zimbabwe is not a police state , but a constitutional democracy founded on respect of fundamental human rights and freedoms. All we fighting for is a consistant salaries payment of civil servants, restoration of professional dignity in the civil service and fair labour practices.

We want our bonuses now which are a right and not priviledge. We want the Minister of Finance to respect the State President and not to undermine him paying our 13th cheque. We call upon cdes in other sectors and all progressive voices to join hands with us and exercise our collective rights to expression ,assembly and mostly decent work until our demands are met.

photo-newsday-Riot Police Set Upon Rural Teachers Association For Zimbabwe (RTUZ) protesters -photo-by Shepherd Tozvireva


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