Rural Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe President Remanded Out Of Custody Until 14th January 2016,

The Rural Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) condemns the satanic, diabolic, inhuman treatment, and the terror unleashed by state security agents to our president Mr Obert Masaraure.
The victimisation of the Union President comes at a time when the Union had promised to have a bonus demonstration and as such it was a well timed action by the state to make sure that it has instilled fear amongst us, silence the voice of democracy and deny us our constitutional right to protest, all in a desperate attempt to make the Demonstration a flop.
Unfortunately, the heavy handed response by the authorities has instead brought the eyes of the world on this, all thanks to newzimbabwevision who swiftly used the media to break out the news of our members incarceration, torture, trumped up charges, urgent need for hospital attention and subsequent trial which we attended today.
Nevertheless the victimisation to our President has given us strength to die fighting for what we believe in. On the 4th of Jan we are going to stage a well justified protest and flood the streets demanding our bonus as per Government promise.
Let me also take this opportunity to inform members of the Union that Mr Masaraure , Pride Mkono and others appeared this morning , at Mbare Magistrate Court at 10 a.m
The three accused appeared before the Mbare Magistrates Courts resulting in the Rural Teachers Union (RTUZ) president Mr Obert Masaraure , Obert Masaraure’s uncle and Pride Mukono being remanded out of custody until 14th January 2016, in Court No 6 at 08:30.
The RTUZ, through its Zimbabwe Lawyers For Human Rights (ZLHR) represantative, Mr Mutisi, have also launched a complaint against the brutal Zimbabwe Republic Police Force. Officer Mupfudze of Kuwadzana Police Station, is the accused in this matter.
Thank you all our supporters, worldwide, and to those who managed to attend the court case. Your attention to this case, and public media have brought massive global interest and support for our cause.
The Rural Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe, calls upon everyone to continue attending all court appearances and join us on the 4th of Jan 2016 as we hold street protests and demanding without fear or favor, our bonus as per Zimbabwe’s Government promise to the civil service.
Your support and continue spread of the message , builds our numbers and we thank you all for your support and offer of solidarity to our Union Leadership. By Ellington Kasimeni. Rural Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) S.G desk


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