RUSSIA DESCRIBES, BRITAIN’S EVICTION OF RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS as hostile, unacceptable, unjustified and short-sighted’

The British PM told Parliament yesterday that she was giving Russia 24 hrs to explain or face serious consequences, and no explanation was advanced by Russia. The British Prime Minister, told parliament that under the UN Convention, the Uk will expel 23 Russian diplomat staff, who have been fundamentally identified as spies after Moscow refused to explain how a Russian-made nerve agent , of military grade was used on a former spy in Salisbury.
The victims of the Russian-made nerve agent, former spy Mr Skripal, 66, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, 33, who were found slumped on a bench on 4 March 2018, remain in a serious but stable condition condition in hospital.
A Police officer Sgt Nick Bailey who attended to the father and daughter team to assist while they lay in the park, also fell ill, and is in a serious but stable condition.
The 23 Russian diplomats who were identified as undeclared intelligence officers were expelled in a COBRA intelligence meeting chaired by Theresa May who said this is under the UN convention.
Theresa May, says that there is no other conclusion other than that the Russian State is culpable in the attempted murder of the Skripals Father and daughter combination.
This development is designed to degrade the Russian ability to gather intelligence in Britain.
This is about 40% of the embassy staff expelled and certainly the largest foreign staff expulsion since 1971 when Britain again expelled Russian diplomats
Theresa May also revoked an invitation to Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov who just a week ago was in Zimbabwe signing multi billion dollar (US$3 billion) platinum mining deals and indicated that Russia was looking at military interests and exploring diamond opportunities in Zimbabwe, and also signed and signed an agreement with Zimbabwe’s Preesident Emmerson Mnangagwa to establish a special economic zone for Russian firms to manufacture goods for export.
Theresa May said that the British Royal Family and Ministers will not attend the 2018 Fifa World Cup later this year.
The Russia embassy, whose response to the expulsions is widely awaited, has only i denied knowledge or involvement in the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and described Britain’s response as “unacceptable, unjustified and short-sighted”.
The impact of the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats is likely to cause more intense security checks on private flights, customs and freight, along with hitting Russia hard on investments in Britain, including the freezing of Russian state assets if proven to be a threat to life or property of UK nationals or residents, while at the same time, Russia may respond with a tit for tat action and expel British diplomats also.
Britain has asked for calm and deployed 180 soldiers to Salisbury to help remove vehicles and objects from nerve agent affected areas, while the Zizzi restaurant and Bishop’s Mill pub, places at which the Skripals Father and daughter combination, visited just before they fell ill and were found collapsed on a park bench.
The British foreign office has updated its advice to travellers on travel to Russia, warning people that they are likely to face harrassment “heightened political tensions” meaning Britons should “be aware of the possibility of anti-British sentiment or harassment at this time” in their travel.
Its disconcerting that a military grade nerve agent can be deployed on British soil by a foreign agent, clearly placing lives in danger on British soil. It is unfortunate that Russia which is due to host World Cup Football in summer, is ‘identified’ by Britain as responsible for such a heinous act on British soil.
This is bound to complicate Mnangagwa’s efforts as giving Russia an anti western state, such massive opportunities in Zimbabwe, is no different from sleeping with the ‘enemy’ of the West, therefore because Britain itself holds interest in minerals and land in Zimbabwe, we could soon feel tougher western sanctions hitting Zimbabwe hard. Some observers view this as potentially the onset of the third Cold War….. More news to follow. Some observers view this as potentially the onset of the third Cold 

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