S. African Oil & Diamond Magnate, & Ex-Political Prisoner ‘Tokyo Sexwale’ (62), Considers Fifa Presidency

Tokyo Sexwale, a sixty two year old  South African businessman, an Oil and Diamond Magnate and also a  former political prisoner at the time of of apartheid rule,  and also a close former friend of Madiba or Nelson Mandela, having spent 13 years together at the Robben Island prison ,has been urged to field his candidacy for the Fifa presidency, by several key personalities in football circles.

Fifa, the world cup football governing body,  has been riddled with scandal of late, the most prominent  being  14 sports marketing executives and soccer officials, including several from FIFA, being indicted in the United States on bribery, money laundering and wire fraud charges.


Tokyo Sexwale  is not new to the Fifa world, having  served on FIFA’s anti-discrimination task force and also being a founding member of the Makana FA, which was the unofficial soccer organization for apartheid-era prisoners on Robben Island.

photo-wazobiajournal-Tokyo Sexwale


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