Saviour Kasukuwere Calls Emergency Zanu-PF HQ Meeting To Try & Quell Clashes Between Rival Factions In Mashonaland East Province

Saviour Kasukuwere was forced to call for an emergency meeting at Zanu-PF’s national headquarters in Harare on Monday to try and quell ugly clashes between rival factions in Mashonaland East province but gave up after being overwhelmed by the infighting.
The meeting was attended by the province’s Politburo members, Cabinet ministers and other party leaders. By bringing everyone from the province to the table to discuss the problems, Kasukuwere had hoped to at least bring peace among them.
However, the meeting turned explosive when warring faction members took radical positions and started blaming each other for the chaos rocking the party’s biggest stronghold.
This comes after a group linked to the G40 attempted to oust provincial chairperson, Joel Biggie Matiza, by garnering 33 signature for a vote of no confidence.
However Matiza managed to get 99 signatures of his own to turn the table on the officials who had removed him. He then proceeded to fire them instead, during a weekend full of drama. 
photo- provincial chairperson, Joel Biggie Matiza

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