SECOND Zim petrol price rise in one week

ZIMBABWE PETROL PRICE RISE in a week since the last increase is not now $9.09 per litre. ZERA announced the new prices on social media Sunday evening. The price of Petrol will now be $9.09 cents, slightly up from $9.01. Diesel will now be at $9.27, up from $9.06, a price increase set 3 August 2019 only a week ago.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncubesaid claimed he would like the fuel price to go up to the equivalent of US $1 hence the frequent price increases. says that fuel price increase is always matched by basic food and day to day items increases or shortages in shops because of the instability amd unpredictable nature of the shambolic Mnangagwa Militarised Zanu pf economic policies. Anyone who falsely believes that the forthcoming MDC mother of all protests starting 16 August 2019 will not brimg change, is living on cloud nine. Wake up Zimbabwe….16 August 2019, everyone out in the streets and lets destabilise the oppressive regime and make Zimbabwe ungovernable until effective Electoral Reforms are put in place, no going back home no matter how long it takes to clean up the last vestiges of Zanu pf. Mugabe is gone, Mnangagwa and his militarised Zanu pf will fall! The power is in your hands, the people have the power! ..Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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