Section 109, Of Zim Constitution, Allows A Vote Of No Confidence To Be Passed On Gvt

“Section 109 of the Zimbabwean Constitution allows a vote of no confidence to be passed on government through a joint resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the total membership in Parliament.
Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Zanu PF regime is strongly made up of the typically, violent, corrupt and heartless monopolisers of power and wealth, namely the Zanu PF legislators, actually make up two-thirds majority in Parliament.
In an ideal world, it would be easy to free our people of Mugabe’s oppressive authority and his Zanu PF regime’s unrelenting ‘Black oppression of Blacks’ by pushing for the impeachment of the 91year old despot, President Robert Mugabe, as a matter of the legislature enforcing a constitutional obligation to rescue the destitute Zimbabwe nation from the cruel Mugabe and his Zanu PF grasp.
However the reality we live under, speaks differently. these are the same people who shape up a recently reinforced Zanu P regime after Mugabe and his motormouth wife , first lady Grace Mugabe, unleashed an unprecedented wave of terror and purging that saw many Zanu PF stalwarts fall during and after the 2014 annual Zanu PF December conference., of note the former Zimbabwe Vice President Joice Mujuru who was fired.
The same Zanu PF legislators are now fully aware that if you set one foot wrong , you could easily join the vendors on the streets. This is now their moment and they will never ever make the mistake of disembarking from the millionaire maker Zanu PF looting gravy train,
It therefore , goes without saying, that, after more than 15 years of stolen elections which were never free or fair, by Mugabe, under no circurmstances whatsoever can we expect any democratic practice in unseating such a ruthless power hungry despot from power, while he enjoys full control.
Zimbabwe, is further disadvantaged by the fact that opposition are mainly dominated by ‘democratic principles’ which immediately throw all credible, though non democratic practices in unseating a heartless devil, straight out of the window.
Lest we forget, the same democratic opposition forces, have split up and are scattered all over, under different names, flags and leaders, throwing the nation into confusion, to the great amazement of Zanu PF who don’t necessarily see them as worth talking about.
As if thats not enough, the same splinter organisations including the original mother body, constantly face, leadership squabbles and resignations of senior figures.
Suffice it is to say that, from the look of things, we cannot pretend to be able to shape up credible opposition, capable of unseating Mugabe in 2018, but being led by Mugabe and his Zanu PF beyond 2018, is not an option!
It is time that we rose above our differences and unite Shona, Ndebele, any tribe, black,white, any opposition and disillusioned Zanu PF, in one powerful, credible force, capable of unseating Mugabe in 2018.
There are hundreds of options of unseating a despot and his ruthless henchmen, stretching from ‘Ballot to Bullet’ and all it takes is for the people to decide which of these hundreds of options is best suited for the occassio.
Its simply a question of time, place, right personnel and excecution method, that will deliver best results,…you do the maths!
We can always revert back to our individual corners, and finish off what we started, with democratic practices, free and fair elections once we rid ourselves of the despot, or else there will simply be no point in a 2018 ballot, as that will simply be escorting them to the ballot in order to legitimise another stolen electoral victory by Mugabe and his Zanu PF,…wake up Zimbabwe!!! by Sibusiso Ngwenya
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