Shocking News:-Baby Dumping Contributes To 50% Of Harare Sewer Plant Blockages

HARARE sewer workers are coming across a dumped foetus every fortnight, Council’s waste water manager Simon Muserere has revealed.

According to the Standard, Muserere said during a tour of the city’s Firle Farm sewage processing plant in Harare on Friday, that the misuse of the sewage system through acts such as baby dumping contributed to about 50% of blockages.

“At least once every two weeks we come across a foetus that would have been dumped in the sewages.

“In 2004 we came across three bodies of men with hands tied behind their backs. We have also come across one middle-aged woman whom we think may have been murdered,” he said.

“That is just part of the challenges that we encounter here at the plant. We have huge deposits of clothes, spoons, rags, brooms and a lot of other stuff that should never be found in the sewer.  Source: the standard

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