‘Shona People Come Here In Numbers Because We Open Space To Them’-‘Tribalist Mthwakazi’

Mthwakazi Republic party has said people in Matabeleland are angry over bad things that the ruling Zanu PF has done to the since independence in 1980.

Party’s spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said he have been thinking these days seriously about our struggle for self-determination whether is it really based on our true zeal for the restoration of our Nation as it was before 1893 or people are being pushed by the motive for revenge?

“There are many issues that Zanu PF has done against us which angers us and encourages us, which in fact convince us that we can never achieve anything for as long as we remain under the bondage of being ruled by conquest as it stands now,” he said. ” But having said that the question remains who are we fighting with who is our enemy is it the system or the Shona people? What do we want to achieve is it revenge or restoration of our State in order for us to begin to develop as a people? I have noticed that many people in Mthwakazi are very bitter and most of them are being pushed by the zeal to revenge but I prefer that we focus more on achieving Self-determination and changing the system used to oppress us why?”
He said because if people  focus on revenge they may not achieve their main goal which is the Restoration of Mthwakazi State as it were before 1893.

“I am quite aware that more than 90 percent of the infrastructure was built before 1980, since 1980 there is no meaningful development which has been done in Mthwakazi, we know that Zanu PF has come up with systems such as nepotism, tribalism, centralization of everything to Harare, fear and intimidation as some of the ways to suppress us,” he said.

“I am quite aware of what Gukurahundi did to our people, I am quite aware that getting a job in Zimbabwe if you come from Mthwakazi is a struggle even if you have the qualifications for the job.”

Gumbo said but that shouldn’t push them to revenge why because in the process they may hurt themselves very hard and it may be difficult to recover from such kind of self-infliction.
“Though I must emphasis that we must not be cowards in the name of forgiving or give it all in the name of forgiving. Mthwakazi omuhle we must never fall into the Zanu PF trap of wanting to revenge that’s a stupid idea which is today destroying Zanu PF,” he said.

“Zanu pf is nothing but a devil creation which is itself satanic, we must remember that the simple reason why Zanu PF was formed was to revenge, Firstly Enos Nkala who offered his house for the formation of zanu pf did so on a mission to destroy Dr Joshua Nyongolo Mqabuko Nkomo because of personal misunderstanding which has nothing to do with the people struggle, and Secondly the majority of Zanu PF members hated the Ndebele people so much and they saw the formation of Zanu PF as an opportunity to deal with Ndebele people.”

He said on the other hand Nkomo was genuinely building a Nation with his Cdes in ZAPU. Look how far Zanu PF has destroyed itself and the Country, over 50 000 people have dead in their hands, some have been forced to exile while others are disappearing like nobody’s business all in the name of revenge.

“The Zanu PF celebrated cdes like Shamuyarira, Mnangagwa, and Mugabe just to mention but a few some leaving some dead now fear even their own shadows so you see revenge is not an option,” he said.

“I have had the opportunity some times to speak even with Pastors, they are complaining that it is difficult to Pastor a church here in Bulawayo especially and the rest of Mthwakazi they argue that it is difficult to pastor angry people the people here are very bitter.”
He said they are difficult to convince the spirit of pulling down is so serious such that it is difficult even for God to raise men and women of God in Business, Politics and even Pastors and Prophets.

“Today I am writing this statement after church service I want to provoke a debate of exactly who are we? What do we want to achieve and why?” he said. “Life is too short cdes Mugabe will die one day and that is a fact just like many of the Satanic 5th brigade initiators have died too. Let’s live our life forget this revenge mission because it’s not working to our advantage in fact it is destroying us we are becoming a laughing stock this must end bitterness must go. Our agenda for the restoration must be genuinely for the betterment of the ordinary people of Mthwakazi.”

Gumbo said  they don’t want a situation where people start to say nothing good can come out of Mthwakazi.

“We need to lift ourselves up and restore ourselves, our State and our culture we need to live this revenge business to God the Almighty,” he said. “I am particularly not impressed by the State of Bulawayo today we need to be doing something Bulawayo is dying people are living the city whether to Harare or South Africa among many other destinations but that is not helping matters lets come together and built even now because life is too short. Zanu PF can never stop us from building our Nation with or without Self-determination the education that we have, the capital that we have earned in diaspora is enough to get Mthwakazi working again.”

He said they can’t be stopped for example to dig boreholes in the rural areas where we come from, built schools etc. we have cdes in Bulwayo city council there who are complaining to us that why are our people not coming forward to claim the space I mean land for houses and commercial stands etc.

“We complain when BCC eventually give tenders to Harare people why are we not putting the money there ourselves?” he said.

“I know we have many rich people in South Africa who can make investments back home. The Mthwakazi struggle has no funding the funding must come from us so we need to start doing business now and make enough money.”
“It doesn’t make sense for us to hate all Shonas at the same time we do nothing to make sure they don’t occupy our space. The reason why Shona people are coming here in numbers is because we open space for them being angry while you do nothing is not an option you die in your bitterness. Come back home and start to invest if it means to buy the land you don’t need do it and leave it for your children do you think Chombo needs that land in Binga?” he added. – Source-bulawayo24.com

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