Soldiers deployed to Kezi, Maphisa to block villager protests against forced evictions by ARDA and partners TREK fuels in farming


SOLDIERS DEPLOYED TO KEZI, MAPHISA where ARDA has partnered TREK fuels in a farming project that is forcing villagers off their land.

The government is in absolute fear of public defiance by the angry villagers who view this as similar to colonial mentality where their ancestors were pushed off fertile land by colonial, white settlers, the only difference being that, this time its enforced by Mugabe’s ‘black oppressors of blacks’ Zanu PF regime which is known to have outsiders lined already to benefit from the project and employment at the expense of locals.

Kezi is not new to state oppression having borne the brunt of horrendous gukurahundi genocide massacres in the early eighties by Mugabe’s tribalist, North Korean trained Fifth Brigade led by Air force of Zimbabwe commander, Mugabe’s nephew, Perence Shiri.

Kezi is also the home village of the late former vice president Joshua Nkomo, and militarising the area while forcibly removing villagers before we see accountability over the massacres is the final process in subjugating a traditionally united, militant and defiant people who want answers, apologies, compensation and opening of mass graves and a respectable reburial of their kith and kin.

This oppresive Zanu Pf mentality is a way of destroying any anti Zanu build up in advance of the 2018 general elections, already seen through Zanu PF National commissar , Saviour Kasukuwere ‘s Bulawayo project issuing 20, 000 stands to Zanu PF youths in the city and Zanu PF apologist PHD prophet Walter Magaya’s Bulawayo housing project. To the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwevision,’ the 1979 ZANU PF GRAND PLAN, is slowly coming to fruition. Wake up Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe belongs to all people of all race, colour, religion and creed not just the unconstitutional Zanu PF, Zim1 family , Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats whi monopolise wealth and power. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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