‘US shooter had Rhodesian and Apartheid SA flags on his jacket’-now in custody.

The shooter in US has been identified by the FBI  as 21 year old  Dylann Roof of Columbia area, the capital of South Carolina. Interestingly Dylann’s  Facebook profile photo shows him wearing a jacket that has   the Rhodesian or former Zimbabwe flag,  and apartheid South Africa flags. He reportedly shouted that he wanted to shoot black people before opening fire.

It is also reported that he received  a gun, a 45 calibre pistol for his 21st birthday in April and is currently out on bail for drugs crime and trespassing. Dylann Roof, reportedly  sat for about an hour in the church in bible study, casing out who he would kill and who would survive before pulling out his 45 calibre and opening fire after shouting out that he wanted to shoot blacks.

The FBI has classed this as a hate crime and police at the moment have surrounded the shooter’s mother’s house after his uncle identified a photo of him and informed the police. The gunmen was still at large initially and the final count is a total of 9 people, that is 6 women and 3 men including the pastor, were killed in the shooting at Charleston, which had previously been identified as the friendliest place in US. However breaking news is that the gunman has reportedly been captured in a traffic stop and is now in police custody in North Carolina.

The pastor was a well respected, married local leader, a senator who was respected and  stood for unity amongst the community, which was targeted for racial or religious reasons, or maybe ideological reasons such as white supremacy as insinuated by the Rhodesian and Apartheid South Africa flags emblazzoned on his jacket in his facebook profile photo. The  reasons behind this horrendous crime will probably be known in the outcome of police investigations. The church is actually the oldest church established in Chaleston and it dates back to the early 1800s.

Police have issued a statement about the circumstances of arrest, saying that he was arrested in a routine traffic stop operation within the last 30 minutes.

Charleston community are shocked that such a violent crime was carried out against innocent victims in church, in prayer in a house of God in a place where they rightfully deserve to be safe and at peace. by Sibusiso Ngwenya. source-newzimbawevision.com.

photo-Dylann Roof, wearing a jacket that has   the Rhodesian or former Zimbabwe flag,  and apartheid South Africa flags-twitter


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