STATE EXPLAINS ‘MNANGANGWA CANNOT attend Dabengwa’s private Emanxeleni Ntabazinduna village burial and undermine the National Heroes acre’

Zanu pf has finally explained clearly why Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa will not attend Zipra Intellgence supremo Dr Dumiso Dabengwa’s burial today, in his home area in Emanxeleni, Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland North. arguing that its all in the spirit of respecting the Dabengwa family’s request for privacy according to Presidential spokesperson George Charamba
According to George Charamba “If a national hero’s family accepts the designation of national hero but opts for private burial, immediately the State President cannot participate directly except through delegated authority. The moment the President gets to that, it means we take over and that breaches the privacy and control of the family. So he will be represented at an appropriate level,” said Mr Charamba.
“In short the President doesn’t go. This is for the purpose of upholding the privacy and control preferred by the bereaved family but more critically to also protect the National Heroes’ Acre because the moment we allow people to have a bite of the cherry then we are undermining the national shrine,” said Mr Charamba.
Dumiso Dabengwa (79) died from a liver related illness, in Nairobi, Kenya last week while en-route to Zimbabwe from India where he had been receiving medical treatment.
Ntabazinduna hold a special place in my heart, as my great grandfather Nyamangara, totem Gushungo left his home in Zvimba then travelled on foot to Ntabazinduna , where he settled and changed his name to Ngwenya. Just my luck that the deposed former president Robert Mugabe came from Zvimba to teach at Hope Fountain in Matebeleland North where he also used the name Ngwenya, but thats another story, back to the issue!
Ntabazinduna Mountain loosely translated to mean (Hill of the Chiefs) holds special significance in the history of Ndebele people as its believed that King Mzilikazi one of the generals who fled the Zulu King Tshaka,from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa was directed specifically to the flat top hill, with two conical hills aside it, by spirit mediums. The other Tshaka’s generals fled in different directions from Tshaka like Mzilikazi, to Mozambique, Lesotho, Malawi and so forth, but for now, suffice it is to mention that with such historical significance over the Ntabazinduna (Hill of the Chiefs), there is no legislative protectionover the mountain. Sibusiso Ngwenya
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