‘STOP giving newzimbabwevision.com, Daily news, Newsday and outsiders information. We will discuss it and solve all within the party’-Mugabe

The 93 year old despot leader President Robert Mugabe has warned Zanu pf leaders to avoid sharing internal party information out in the public domain but instead they should resolve their issues using the set out party frameworks.
Mugabe argued that public disputes are more harmful than anything as internal party information is used by potentially hostile characters while speaking at the Zanu-PF Youth League National Assembly in Harare yesterday.
The despot leader stated that it is pointless to involve the private media in internal party matters and therefore news should not be for the benefit of outside media like newzimbabwevision, NewsDay or Daily News and others.
Mugabe warned everyone present that Zanu pf is a disciplined part whose unity contributed to victory in the liberation struggle, then warned the United States president Mr Donald Trump against spreading disunity but rather to talk the same language with Zanu pf , a’ language of unity, peace,dialogue and co-operation and the world must learn from southern Africa and desist from using demonic language where he threatens to destroy others.,..hmmn! source- Sunday news. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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