SUNDAY MAIL: The state propaganda channel speaks about National Election Reform Agenda (NERA)!

Last Friday, we got to know that this National Election Reform Agenda (NERA) is all about looting, violence, robbery and arson. What else can we expect from the likes of Joice Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshmen Ncube, Cosmas Muponda, Gilbert Dzikiti, Denford Musiyarira, Marcellina Chikasha, Barbara Nyagomo, Maxwell Shumba, Farai Mbira, Joseph Busha, and Jacob Ngarivhume; who try to pass off their robbery tactics as political coalition and activism?
Joice Mujuru: Burning herself out of power
The ZimPF leader still seems to be haunted by the fire that consumed her husband.
The fire that she is causing to burn vehicles and public transport termini in downtown Harare is reminiscent of her anger as a failed politician.
All well-meaning citizens should be wary of the evil intentions of this woman who wants to burn herself into power.
Jacob Ngarivhume: Abusing the word of God
Joseph Busha: Violent modul on a rampage
Farai Mbira: Riding on a dead horse
Welshman Ncube: Scheming hypocrite
Maxwell Shumba , a former MDC-T USA chairman and chief political strategist for Tsvangirai has joined in violent demonstrations with the very people he once despised and other imbeciles in Nera to violently demonstrate against a constitutionally elected Government. source-sundaymail

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