Supreme Court Chaos: ‘Nikuv promised 2million Jobs Yet 10 000 Dismissed In 14 Days’:

With an overall estimated total of at least 10 000 workers having been dismissed from their  jobs  by their employers within a short space of 14 days, following a controversial Supreme court ruling.

That particular judgement makes it easier to lay off one’s work force, and we can all now safely argue that President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF circus show may have successfully rigged elections and become filthy rich multimillionaire criminals, whilst the nation has been reduced to jobless people with nothing else to look forward to other than being vendors.

Mugabe  and his Zanu PF regime  have totally failed to rig the national economy, yet they still dare to churn out their regular armed struggle for independance  propaganda along with the western sanctions and endless blaming of the US and UK mantra which we have all grown so used to and tired of.

The 90 year old despot,  Mugabe, the ‘ruining party’  the corrupt Zanu PF, his  Zim1 family and securocrats are the scourge of Zimbabwe that has reduced us into forced exile, joblessness, untold suffering and hunger and typically an international laughing stock.

Judging by the disastrous progression from the 31st july 2013 NIKUV Ballot, Zanu Pfs failure to deliver on their Nikuv manifesto where uptodate the promised 2million jobs never materialised but instead we have seen daily closure of companies and retrechments, it is obvious to anyone that the journey to the 2018 general election is clearly going to be one road that will bring tears and pain for peace loving Zimbabweans Zanu PF still manages to rule Zimbabwe  By Sibusiso Ngwenya see more at

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