Suspended Prosecutor-General (PG) Tomana, Sued By Zimbabwe Farmers’ Development Co (ZFDC) Over US$120 000 debt.

It never rains, but pours for suspended Prosecutor-General (PG) Johannes Tomana, who has now been taken to the High Court by the Zimbabwe Farmers’ Development Company (ZFDC) over a $120 000 debt.

Tomana is currently facing several charges of criminal abuse of office at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

ZFDC last month filed summons against Tomana seeking to recover $121 048,30, which he allegedly failed to settle after acquiring farming equipment on credit in October 2010.

However, the suspended PG has since entered an appearance to defend notice and is geared to challenge the claim as and when the matter finally appears before a High Court judge.

According to ZFDC, during the month in question, Tomana, who is a commercial farmer operating Maryland Farm, Darwendale in Mashonaland West province, approached the firm and entered into an agreement for the supply of two tractors valued at $77 007,80, a planter valued at $10 101 and a disc harrow valued at $9 103,74.

ZFDC said the agreement between the parties was reduced into writing and some of the terms were that the loan repayment period would be five years and that compound interest of 5% per annum would be charged on the capital debt.

“The total cost of the equipment bought by the defendant was $113 312,24 in both transactions. Defendant paid a deposit of $33 041,33, thereby leaving an outstanding balance of $80 270,91,” the firm said in its declaration attached to the summons.

“Defendant was obliged to pay an annual instalment of $20 067,73 of all the items sold and delivered to him by plaintiff. Defendant breached the terms of the agreements in that he failed or omitted or neglected to pay the instalment of $20 067,73 as from 2011 up to 2014.”

ZFDC further said Tomana later paid $3 000 on April 27, 2012 and $500 on November 3, 2014 and as at December 14, 2015 he had accumulated a 5% penalty on arrear instalments of $24 209,66.

“The cumulative interest at 5% per annum over the five-year period and due is $33 042,33, and the outstanding balance inclusive of the capital debt, interest and penalty as of December 30, 2015 was $121 048,30,” the company said.

Meanwhile, former Mashonaland West governor Peter Chanetsa could lose a New Holland tractor and Monosem planter over an undisclosed debt to Agribank. The equipment is to be sold by the messenger of court at an auction to be held in Chinhoyi tomorrow. Former Chitungwiza mayor Forbes Magadu could also lose three tractors at the same auction over another undisclosed debt to ZFDC. source-newsday. By Charles Laiton 

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