#ThisFlag’:Anyone found putting the National Flag into disrepute can be jailed for six months or fined US$200′-Government

Government has warned that anyone found putting the National Flag into disrepute risk being jailed for six months or fined $200.

Through the ministry of Justice and Legal and Parliamentary  affairs, people who manufacture or  sale the flag will be dealt with harshly.

Wrote the permanent  secretary Virginia Mabiza :
“The penalty for the offence is a fine nit exceeding $200 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both such fine and imprisonment.

“Members of the public who engage in any action or activity which involve the manufacture, sale or use  of the National Flag  in contravention of the law are therefore warned that they are liable to prosecution and are liable to be imprisoned if they are found guilty by a court of law”.

The flag has been used in a ware of protests sweeping through the country.

Pastor Evan Mawarire fronted a movement called #ThisFlag.by Thobekile Zhou. source-Bulawayo24

December 12 counter and unapologetically pro-President Mugabe and Zanu-PF demonstration upstages #ThisFlag at UN



FROM the moment Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi organised everyday Zimbabweans to courageously take up arms against Rhodesian settlers and invaders way back in 1896, the colonialist and imperialist world have learnt the hard way, that the element of surprise has always been the best weapon of genuine African resistance at home and abroad.

When Zanu began the Second Chimurenga against the second most powerful colonial army ever assembled on our beloved mother continent 50 years ago, which cleared the way for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF to launch the historic and ground-breaking land reclamation programme 16 years ago that boldly declared the beginning of the Third Chimurenga, one would think US-EU imperialism finally realised that imposing their will on Zimbabweans politically, economically or militarily is no walk in the park.

Since Pastor Evan Mawarire used social media and hijacked a revolutionary idea to use Zimbabwe’s flag to rally Africans worldwide to join the movement to end the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001, each and every one of President Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s most hateful detractors in Washington and London have not only been tickled pink, but are guilty of openly behaving like their illegal and racist regime change agenda aimed at toppling Zimbabwe’s democratically elected Government had officially prevailed.

What Pastor Mawarire and #ThisFlag members learnt on Saturday September 17 2016 at the Zimbabwe Mission to the United Nations in New York City, was to never under any circumstances disregard the power of true and authentic revolutionary solidarity, something that biblical verses from a colonialist and imperialist paradigm simply cannot prepare an opportunist leader or movement to properly deal with
Because Pastor Mawarire and his gullible followers had made a routine of taking photo-ops in front of the Zimbabwean embassy in Washington DC, which led to someone mysteriously desecrating the embassy with graffiti, the pastor and his brain trust arrived at the conclusion that targeting the mission before converging on the UN would help generate momentum.

To the surprise of Pastor Mawarire who had boldly predicted that over 5 000 Zimbabweans would be by his side, only 19 misled but undeniably faithful followers arrived to participate in a pre-protest in front of the mission, that was advertised as lasting from 10am to 12 noon. Due to the extremely low and embarrassing turnout this only lasted about 29 minutes to be exact.

Another shock to the system of Pastor Mawarire and his followers is they were not allowed to plaster the mission with their neo-colonialist regalia, this was brought to their attention by none other than the racist and fascist NYPD, who according to history and pedigree were not thrilled but had no choice but to enforce this law. This reduced #ThisFlag members’ efforts to talking to primarily individuals of a Caucasian persuasion who were on their Saturday morning strolls therefore had no interest in what they represented.

Since Pastor Mawarire’s main platforms thus far have been primarily confined to the dog and pony shows courtesy of the US-EU imperialist think tank apparatus and any bonus events arranged by the US State Department, the good pastor’s handlers probably never shared with him that it is virtually impossible to come to New York City and attack President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, without being confronted directly by the December 12 Move- ment.

It is only fitting that Pastor Mawarire had the opportunity to see D12 up close and personal in the middle of a protest, especially since it is abundantly clear that the misguided pastor more than likely has been advised by his handlers to avoid at all costs so-called African Americans, who accurately fit the characteristic of what President Mugabe commonly refers to when speaking publicly as Comrades and Friends.

Even if Pastor Mawarire and his followers had previously been warned by the Who’s Who of the US Military Industrial Intelligence Police Complex, that D12 was planning a counter and unapologetically pro-President Mugabe and Zanu-PF demonstration, the parachutes on their shoulders and over the top exposure from US imperialist media outlets like CNN and NPR had them feeling untouchable.

This was confirmed by the presence of a Voice of America reporter who witnessed the entire spectacle. However, due to the outcome will have a serious challenge, explaining to the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who according to Pastor Mawarire and his followers ended up resembling a meteorologist who gave viewers and listeners the wrong weather forecast.Only 19 faithful followers participated in Pastor Mawarire’s (pictured right) flopped protest in front of Zimbabwe’s UN Mission in New York, that was advertised as lasting from 10am to 12 noon. Due to the extremely low and embarrassing turnout this only lasted about 29 minutes, to be exact

Let us remember that according to Pastor Mawarire’s Facebook page, Zimbabwean students in the Diaspora are 58 percent in favour of the US imperialist agenda, the burning question is why these toy soldiers who demonise their President and Government all over social media decided not to come to the Big Apple and stand with their pastor who boldly proclaims “We are the leaders we have been waiting for”.

The explanation given by Mawarire and his followers whose mood and body language resembled women and men, when they get stood up on a date, was that the main demonstration near the UN Headquarters would reflect the numbers they had anticipated and boldly predicted.

What occurred instead was that the D12 march from the Zimbabwe UN Mission completely stole the show, President Mugabe’s Comrades and Friends started from 53rd and Lexington Avenue with banners of all sizes brandishing their patterned and trademark slogan “MUGABE IS RIGHT”.

Unlike the 19 followers of Pastor Mawarire who looked as though they were loitering in front of the mission, this strong showing of unity and patriotism aroused the interest of spectators and onlookers, who were apparently wondering what African head of state could garner this qualitative level of support inside US borders.

This development meant that the Voice of America reporter had to resort to damage control and interview Pastor Mawarire from angles aimed at diverting attention from such a low turnout, by the end of the day #This Flag drew 50 people to their UN demonstration where on the other hand D12 drew over 100 who to their credit assembled with an agenda and purpose of their own, meaning showing support for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF took precedence over clashing with political novices like Pastor Mawarire and #This Flag.

Another lesson Pastor Mawarire and his followers can take from Saturday is that they do not have a monopoly on social media, a few weeks ago D12 brilliantly juxtaposed a picture of the good pastor with US and British flags wrapped around his neck, which raised the issue that #This Flag should use the symbols of the nations whose interests they faithfully serve and represent on a daily basis. President Mugabe’s Comrades and Friends followed this up with a US passport with the good pastor’s name and face.

What was billed and promoted as an event that would be the defining moment for the #This Flag movement, with thousands of Zimbabweans calling for President Mugabe to step down, numerically matched Pastor Mawarire’s Sunday congregation of his storefront church back home in Zimbabwe.

Only 19 faithful followers participated in Pastor Mawarire’s flopped protest in front of Zimbabwe’s UN Mission in New York, that was advertised as lasting from 10am to 12 noon. Due to the extremely low and embarrassing turnout this only lasted about 29 minutes, to be exact

When Pastor Mawarire and his followers step out of their comfort zone which means engaging so-called African Americans in an atmosphere, where the helping hand of Douglas Coltart and Chloe McGrath cannot serve as a security blanket, they don’t appear to be politically or intellectually equipped to answer some very fundamental questions.

During the march when D12 members who decided to show at the mission to strategically observe #ThisFlag, told the VOA reporter was how embarrassing it looked for young Zimbabweans who have benefited more than they realise from countless drops of blood shed heroically from 1896 to present, to come to the country who has illegally targeted their Government and stage a protest.

What Pastor Mawarire and his followers will eventually realise is that the history they reject like children who cry when told by their parents to eat their vegetables, is what makes not only D12 but Africans all over the world stand firmly behind President Mugabe and Zanu-PF.

by Obi Egbuna Jnr is the External Relations Officer of Zicufa (Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association)

by Stephen Jakes byo24

‘US$15 Billion, Thief, Robert Mugabe’s Legacy, A Nation Of Highly Skilled, Graduate Vendors, #ThisGown .

Zimbabwe is a broken nation, brought down on to its knees by the filthy rich, president Robert Mugabe and his Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, who continuously loot national wealth and resources under the guise of ‘Black empowerment and Indigenisation, which are nothing more than /legalised crime and corruption’photos-bulawayo24

MDC T MP’s Ejected From Parliament For Draping Zimbabwe Flag #ThisFlag

The MDC-T house of Assembly members who entered the parliament house dabbing Zimbabwean flats in a #ThisFlag style of Pastor Evan Mawarire were reportedly chucked out of the house for that.
Reports from Harare states that the  parliamentarians were ordered to go out of Parliament of Zimbabwe for draping flags.
Among the affected MPs  were Chitungwiza North Constituency legislator Godfrey Sithole,  Mutasa Central Constituency MP Trevor Saruwaka.
MDC-T  parliamentarian for Southerton Gift Chimanikire was also ordered to leave the National Assembly. The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mabel Chinomona had asked the parliamentarians to remove the flags.
MDC-T parliamentarian Innocent Gonese said it was unconstitutional for Chinomona to force them to remove the flag. The parliamentarians started to exchange the flag amongst themselves putting proceedings to a stop.
Proceeding resumed after the MPs removed the flags. Zanu PF is reportedly planing to make it an offence to wrap around a national flag.
The wearing of the flag was popularised by Pastor Evan Mawarire who posted videos calling government to be accountable.


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#PEOPLE POWER! ThisFlag, Tajamuka/Sesijikile, Occupy Africa Unity Square Campaigns Prove, ‘Active Citizenry Will Liberate Zimbabweans’

For too long, 36 years to be specific from 18 April 1980 when President Robert Gabriel Mugabe became Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, we the people of Zimbabwe, have always known the truth, seen the truth but foolishly chose to believe the lies that Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime have constantly force fed us.
However the tide is forcefully turning now, in favour of the people
Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime is simply a self enrichment scheme, that ‘legitimises’ crime and corruption under the guise of ‘Indigenisation and Black Empowerment’. However, the people of Zimbabwe now openly show that they no longer believe the lies by the criminal caucus of Mugabe and his corrupt Zanu PF masquerading as a legitimate regime,
, The success of the campaigns by the oppressed , Zimbabweans, to bring the nation to a standstill in protest against a debilitating economy, 90% unemployment, poor service delivery in health care, education, housing, transport and so on, can only be accredited to unity amongst the suffering Zimbabweans along with #PEOPLE POWER! #ThisFlag, #Tajamuka/Sesijikile, Occupy Africa Unity Square Campaigns amongst others’
As absolute defiance by Zimbabweans to Mugabe’s oppressive authority, spread like wildfire across the nation, Zimbabwes, Minister Patrick Chinamasa was in the Uk trying to sell an image of normalcy and sweet talk investors into channelling their money into Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans also protested against Chinamasa at the venue of his talks in London.
The chaos both in Zimbabwe and in London helped create massive global awareness about the Zanu PF enforced destitution rampant corruption, and oppressive authority by Mugabe the ‘US$15 Billion thief’, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats, who go on as if all is well in Zimbabwe.
The most portent message to all is that, fear is no longer an issue, as Zimbabwean, can unite against ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’. #PeoplePower! is reclaiming our birth right, the motherland Zimbabwe, from our oppressors. Zimbabwe belongs to us all, black, white, coloured, all tribes, religions, creed and political orientation including disillusioned Zanu PF, not just the ‘US$15 Billion thief’ Mugabe, Zim 1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats,
The crisis before us all is bigger than any opposition leader or party, and as shown by the success of this growing revolution, opposition political parties are not necessary for a people to defy oppression.
The ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’ camp led by Mugabe, Zim1 family Zanu PF stalwarts, securocrats can oppress some of the people some time but not all the people forever! The growing trend of absolute defiance to Mugabe is unstoppable and will ultimately end with his fall. Zimbabwe is our children’s and future descendants legacy. Mugabe and all his Zanu PF must Go!