THE CATFIGHTS BETWEEN FORMER CELEBRITY COUPLE Tytan Skhokho and Olinda Chapel escalated yesterday in a public spat that left social media in meltdown.

THE CATFIGHTS BETWEEN FORMER CELEBRITY COUPLE Tytan Skhokho and Olinda Chapel eascalated yesterday in a public spat that left social media in meltdown.

Tytan was accusing his former wife of trying to infect him with HIV and abusive behaviour while the latter rebutted the claims.

This was after Tytan lifted the lid on the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of his estranged wife, whom he accused of physical violence and narrated how he had to put up at a friend’s house after he had been locked out of their home.

Tytan, who filed for divorce at the High Court in Harare early this month, said at first he tolerated the abuse as he thought Olinda was just doing so out of jealous.

In a recorded interview with his lawyer, Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya on the Rumbidzai Show, posted on various social media sites yesterday, Tytan shared his experiences while living with Olinda in the United Kingdom, in which he claimed they had arguments during which the latter would push him, provoke fights and lock him out.

Tytan said he wanted to end the relationship in September 2017, but they agreed to reconcile with the understanding that Olinda would have “to deal with her anger”.

“Initially, it was more of verbal abuse, especially when there are friends and relatives. A lot of people started to withdraw from working with me as I didn’t have financial freedom and didn’t have control,” he recalled.

“When I came here and went to the shops, she would just say what took you so long? I didn’t leave the relationship because I was in love and I thought love made things hard and there was a lot of compromising. We did try to solve the issue and there was a pastor who would help us, but we reached a dead end.”

Tytan said when he first made a police report, the police wanted him to press charges against Olinda, but he discounted that option because he thought her strange behaviour was linked to pregnancy.

He, however, said he suspected Olinda was trying to infect him with HIV after going through her maternity book.

In a Facebook telephone interview with Aunty Jenny’s Lounge, Olinda, however, said Tytan always took her to hospital and made sure she took her medicine.

“He is the one who would drive me to the hospital, he is the one who would be near me but now he is using all that as a weapon against me,” she said.

“There is a time when the people at the hospital said this man is taking advantage. He is the one who used to even take me to hospital and tell me that it is time to take your medication; he has been holding me prisoner all this while and using that as a form of psychological abuse.”

She described Tytan as “a serial cheater”, who bed-hopped with other women while she was in hospital.

“If I wronged him, he must go and report to the police. How come I have not been arrested by the police? He has been using this as a weapon against me, the desperation to seek papers is really shocking,” she said.newsday

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