The DISCERNING eye takes a closer look at Mugabe’s cabinet reshuffle and what it means for Mnangagwa after removal from cabinet .

In an obvious flexing of the muscle and attempt to cement his control over Zanu pf and Zimbabwe, the Commander of the Defence forces of Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe, true to his word, followed up on his warning last week that he would reshuffle the cabinet, by actually doing so, yesterday.
Many fell from cabinet and of note is the former Justice minister, also the Vice President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Remember on the 19th of  July , Professore Jonathan Moyo presented  a  one and half hour video with three monitors for presentation at a Zanu pf Politburo meeting , detailing mnangagwa’s corruption and efforts to unseat mugabe and replace him in government.
In August 2017, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Lacoste faction leader feeling the heat from the deadly Zanu pf factional wars,  offered to resign from his cabinet and  Zanu pf  posts, arguing that he could not stomach  the relentless public flogging and humiliation by Zanu PF’s Youth who were behind  First Lady Grace Mugabe, the  G40 faction leader. Mugabe turned down the offer to resign, primarily because he wanted the victory of being the one eliminating Mnangagwa.
In September 2017, Joyce mujuru who had in 2014 been bombarded with a barrage of relentless attacks by First Lady Grace Mugabe, who engineered her fall and dismissal from the post of vice president, warned Mnangagwa to just resign and not wait to be fired,  obviously a warning that fell on deaf ears as yesterday Mugabe, successfully did  reshuffled cabinet and removed Mnangagwa from his post of Justice Minister.
Emmerson Mnangagwa from the Justice ministry, Tshinga Dube, Abednico Ncube, Priscah Mupfumira, Faber Chidarikire, Happyton Bonyongwe, Minister of State for Masvingo Province
Webster Shamu, Matabeleland South
Edgar Mbwembwe, Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans Chiratidzo Mabuwa, Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
Paul Chimedza,  Minister of State for Mashonaland West
Ambassador Maboyi, Tourism, Environment and Hospitality Services Cain Mathema, Youth, Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment
Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Macro-Economic Planning
Patrick Chinamasa, Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation
Christopher Mushohwe, minister of State in the President’s Office Responsible for National Scholarships
Mugabe’s cousin, Ignatius Chombo, 
Mugabe’s nephew Foreign Affairs Minister Patrick Zhuwawo
 Home Affairs Minister Simon Khaya Moyo,
Labour and Social Welfare Obert Mpofu,
Finance and Economic Development Thokozile Mathuthu, 
Minister of State Matabeleland North Walter Mzembi, 
Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Obert Mpofu, 
Sydney Sekeramayi, Defence
Kembo Mohadi, State Security.
David Parirenyatwa, Health and Child Care
Saviour Kasukuwere, Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing
Lazarus Dokora, Primary and Secondary Education
Walter Chidakwa, Mines and Mining Development
Joseph Made, ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation & Irrigation Development
Sithembiso Nyoni, SMEs
Mike Bimha, Industry and International Trade
Jonathan Moyo, Higher and Tertiary Education
Joram Gumbo, Transport
Samuel Undenge, Energy and Power Development
Douglas Mombeshora, Lands and Rural Resettlement
Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Water and Climate
Makhosini Hlongwane, Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture
Supa Mandiwanzira, ICTs and Courier Services
Mugabe  is cementing his power and that of the Gushungo empire, as Emmerson Mnagagwa was literally a stumbling bloc to the rise of Grace Mugabe as Zimbabwe;s next President after succeeding Mugabe.
What transpired yesterday, is to the DISCERNING eye newzimbabwevision, a blessing in disguise because it sends shock waves across Zanu pf and securocrats, mainly the army who have always been Mugabe’s power house. The army are known to be aligned to Mnagagwa so this cabinet reshuffle is a clear warning that a chopping of the military heads by forcibly retiring them, is just over the horizon.
The Permanent Secretary of Defence whose primary role is to advise the Minister of defence on administration and Defence Policy issues in Zimbabwe is Mr Martin Rushwaya. What many people do not realise is that Martin Rushwaya is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nephew and Mnangagwa is well supported by senior military figures who have vowed never to salute a president who has no liberation war history, in this case Grace Mugabe versus Mnangagwa its obvious Mnagagwa is their first choice.
Mnangagwa has, since independance held powerful posts of either a minister of defence, State Security or Justice and Legal affairs, primarily acting as the last man standing in defending Mugabe’s oppression of Zimbabwe.
He has protected all crimes of injustice by Mugabe,  genocides, corruption and others and even protected Mugabe from ICC. He is no longer of any use and it is clear, that if a powerful man like General Solomon Mujuru was murdered by Mugabe, his days are limited as the game is now a deadly one.  
Now Mnangagwa is on his way out, Matebeleland who lost 20,000 Ndebeles  during gukurahundi, courtesy of Mnangagwa as minister of State security are celebrating that the curse of gukurahundi has finally come home to roost with all developments over the last three months starting from Mnangagwa collapsing in Gwanda, vomiting blood and being airlifted to South Africa to the heart of Ndebeles…interesting!
Mugabe’s next tactical move from the DISCERNING EYE newzimbabwevision opinion will be to finish off Mnangagwa at the 17th Zanu pf annual December conference, to be held in Gwanda Matebeleland South, where he will be able to further flex his muscle and destroy all remnants  of support for Mnangagwa in influential Zanu pf circles, like what he did in 2014.  This time he will be able to claim, he is  creating a third post for a  Female Vice President as per will of Zanu pf and use the same Zanu pf to elevate his wife First lady grace Mugabe to that post. At that point in time, it will be a done and dusted affair that Grace Mugabe will succeed Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s next president unless if we scupper his plans  by  defying his oppressive authority.  Yes Zanu pf all round in general are equally fearful of a government led by Mnangagwa as they all know what a murderer he is. Its funny that Mugabe celebrated his 93rd birthday in Matebeleland South this year, clearly  brainwashing people into believing now he actually cares about tge same Ndebeles he butchered in thousands during Gukurahundi.
 This is the time that Zimbabweans whether opposition or Mnangagwa faction must work together to unseat the gushungo dynasty. For now Masvingo is dead! Mnangagwa could even be jailed for throwing  Godfrey Majonga from a third floor window and paralysing him for life in Harare. Mnangagwa is history unless he starts exposing all Mugabe’s crimes instead of wasting 85 page dossiers on Professor Jonathan Moyo. Maybe thats why Mugabe removed him from cabinet finally because he can see what a danger he is because of what he knows.  Truth be told, as much as we hate Jonathan Moyo’s deceitful nature, he started the ball rolling in destroying Mnangagwa with his one and half hour video presentation at the Zanu pf politburo, and today Mnangagwa has fallen from cabinet, and soon to be tactically removed or actually fired as Zimbabwe’s vice president yet Moyo is still in cabinet. Joyce Mujuru was fired as Vice president and Mnangagwa will not be difficult to remove at all probably by the time we sit for the Zanu pf annual December congress. Its all an exciting development, we wait!
For those who don’t know it, Retired Zimbabwe National Army  Brigadier General Happyton Mabhuya Bonyongwe is the new Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs  for  Zimbabwe.   He is the former director general of the ruthless Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and in line with the Zimbabwe constitution, he vacates his  CIO post, as the new Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs  for  Zimbabwe. His wife Willia Bonyongwe, a war veteran, is a Zimbabwean farmer and retired economist and she is the current chairperson of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
Bonyongwes’ appointment is typically cementing Mugabe’s control over the CIO by grabbing their boss who knows the inner workings of the system and throwing him into cabinet where he can conduct his destruction of those deemed to be anti Mugabe in cabinet while protecting Mugabe and his wife First lady Grace Mugabe. Willia Bonyongwes position as chairperson of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is again another form of control as Zimra is a major source of revenue for the oppressive Zanu pf regime and she will always be key to diverting Zimra revenue to Mugabe and his Zanu pf instead for channelling the revenue towards state coffers.
To us Zimbabweans , the ongoing Zanu pf implosion is  a blessing. Zanu pf are destroying themselves without help from us the people and there is no way they will ever trust each other or work together anymore. Mugabe and his Wife Grace, are now no longer safe as they are targets for elimination by those in line for removal, especially Securocrats. Its now a question of time before something big and really life changing for the future of Zimbabwe happens in the top circles of Zanu pf. This is why many people tend to feel that, we could easily see a coup in Zimbabwe instead of elections.  The whole nation now realises that Mugabe, Zim1 family and all Zanu pf stalwarts must go because they are killers. Whether you are Ndebele, Shona, White, Black, Coloured rich or poor, if this murderous regime says you will go…you will die! Case in point is gukurahundi, murambatsvina, chiadzwa, white farmer eviction and political violence just to mention a few….need I say more? An unstable Zanu pf is a major step forward for the people,….now we wait! By Sibusiso Ngwenya DISCUSS!
photo-Retired Zimbabwe National Army Brigadier General Happyton Mabhuya Bonyongwe is the new Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for Zimbabwe, the former director general of the ruthless Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) (L) and Zimbabwe National Army General Chiwenga, and President Robert Mugabe Sibusiso Ngwenya

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