‘ The military came into power by the bullet, no ballot will move them’ WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM.

WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM HAS WARNED THE NATION , COUNTLESS TIMES that, never can you remove a military which came into power by the bullet, using the ballot.

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Eleven men who are suspected to be Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters , were arrested on Saturday for allegedly assaulting a police officer were remanded in custody for bail hearing today.
The charges are that on the 12th of October at about 1500 hrs the 11, aloing with a still at large accomplice, assaulted a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer, Tatenda Sibiya, at Chicken Inn, corner Julius Nyerere Way and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Harare and declared the zone around Morgan Tsvangirai House (Harvest House) the MDC headquaters, a no go area for the Zimbabwe Republic Police, before they allegedly fled to a hideout at Robinson House where they were arrested.
The police searched the premises and found 210 police anti-riot helmets plus 14 Municipal police helmets. On Monday 14 October 2019, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) shut down the MDC headquarters in Harare, the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, the opposition headquarters and Robinson House after allegedly finding 210 riot police and 41 municipal police helmets hidden in the basement of a nearby building, although MDC opposition party have denied any knowledge about the items and accuse the police of deliberately planting the anti-riot gear to justify a ruthless crackdown on the Mnangagwa militarised regime critics.
Armed ZRP officers sealed off the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, the opposition headquarters and Robinson House where the helmets were allegedly found on Saturday afternoon,leading to MDC workers deserting their offices.
The ZRP have also intensified patrols in and around Harare and other cities, with a heavy presence at all intersections in the central business districts, roadblocks and random body searches on commuters on all major roads leading into Harare city.
On a brighter note, finally, the MDC is openly admitting that the ballot tactic is not a straightforward route to leading Zimbabwe, a fact always stated by www.newzimbabwevision.com. There is a need for the youth to lead the destabilisation of the country in a peaceful way by making Zimbabwe ungovernable .
Zimbabwe’s statutes provide for the presidential immunity clause which guarantees that a sitting President Under section 98 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution the President is protected from civil or criminal trials.
However the controversial section of the law can only be removed through a referendum as the supreme law of the land was a product of the people, meaning it must be opened to debate by Zimbabweans, as it is a constitutional issue and can only be removed when it’s legislated by Zimbabwe’s Constitution.
Section 98 states: “(i) While in public office, the President is not liable to civil or criminal proceedings in any court for things done or omitted to be done in his personal capacity. (ii) Civil or criminal proceedings may be instituted against a former President for things done or omitted to be done before he or she became President or while he or she was President.”…….to the discerning eye, the question of Gukurahundi and all crimes against humanity by Mnangagwa arises but this is the time when Constitutional Lawyers such as Welshman Ncube should lead the nation in interpretting matters and presenting a water tight case against Mnangagwa who if we all remember rose to power through a potential impeachment of deposed former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
If Mugabe fell, Mnangagwa is not a challenge, we simly need to shake up the system and destabilise the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime now, no excuse for fence sitting, either one stands with the people against oppressive authority or stands with the enemy, but people power cannot be resisted!
Today , the MDC vice president Welshman Ncube says President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF party are not in total control of the Zimbabwe but the military is calling the shots, therefore the MDC should first defeat Zimbabwe military in order to rule country according to Welshman Ncube. www.newzimbabwevision says that at no point is Ncube calling for violence or armed war but as we always advise, he is calling for the youth to fully actively participate in determining the future of Zimbabwe as outlined at the end of this article.The youth must take up roles in opposition structures not just leave leadership to the elderly. With regards to the military, Chamisa should stop grandstannding but engage the military who installed Mnangagwa in progressive debate. The military amassed millions in stolen wealth, land, business and farms and wil never accept people power or democratic rule that may take back the loot and prosecute them for their crimes against humanity. The military seeks immunity against prosecution for these crimes and assurance their millions , land and looted wealth are secure. Short of such security and assurance, it al becomes pokitical grandstanding by the opposition , time wasting and self defeating because it shows an incapable opposition. The youth need to be proactive in politics and actively agitate for change, without fear of the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime and monopoly of wealth. Therr is no room for complacency, lets all move Zimbabwe forward and reclaim the motherland and our legacy.
Welshman Ncube went on to say, “We need unity, unity, unity. As long there is no unity in the party you cannot defeat, not just Zanu-PF but the military.
“Zimbabwe is not governed by Zanu-PF but military, never forget that.
“Never forget that you are required to defeat the military because you defeated Zanu-PF and Mugabe long back. What you need to do now is to defeat the military.”
Ncube said the MDC old guard will not be responsible for removing the military but the youths in the country.
“The late Joshua Nkomo (ex State VP) many years ago said this country will never die but young people will save it. The process of saving this country has started because we chose President Nelson Chamisa as our leader at the congress. This country is not going to die no matter how we will suffer because you as young people you are going to save it.
“Cde Gonese, isusu abadala (we the older ones), we are not the ones who will defeat the military. The young people will defeat the military and take them to the barracks so that the politics will come to the civilians,” said Ncube.
“We started to think the fight was about positions. Everyone wanted to grab a position. Going forward, this must stop. You can fight for position when the military is back in the barracks,” said the VP.
“It does not make sense when someone says Pamberi naED (President Mnangagwa) when the economy is collapsing. Some of them behave as if they were bewitched. It’s your responsibility to remind them that ED was their source of misery,” said Ncube.
He said Mnangagwa was a conductor in former President Robert Mugabe bus but stole it without a valid driver`s license and the country was now stagnant.
“We are not going anywhere because ED does possess a valid driver’s licence for him to be eligible to drive the bus he stole from his boss. The bus does not have wheels and even a steering wheel to control it,” said Ncube. – newsday DISCUSS!
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