The Power Of #ThisFlag. #BeatThePot #People Power!,#Tajamuka, Sesijikile , Protest In Liberating Zimbabweans

The real crisis faced by Zimbabweans now is obviously that the ‘US$15 Billion Thief’ President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs, had the people of steam.
In 1999, when the Movement For Democratic Change ( MDC T) came onto the political stage, Zimbabwe had just come from ESAP1 and ESAP2 which led to massive cuts in the civil service employee size, and major cuts in other areas of various government budget and expenditure.
This was the same time Zimbabwe had waded into the DRC war, in the 90s, draining the nation of soldiers who died in droves and defence budget, leaving a next to broke government and a nation desperate for alternatives.
That alternative was offered by Richard Morgan Tsvangirai who let the MDC in 1999 on formation with most current opposition figures in mushrooming parties.
The people of Zimbabwe rallied behind the MDC, not because of Tsvangirai but rather because he offered an alternative and if it simply meant voting for a chair, lampost, tree, baboon or other as opposed to Mugabe, as long as the people had an alternative, they would go for it, hence the massive support the original MDC received.
Eventually, in true Zanu PF fashion, the opposition lost to Mugabe and his Zanu PF who rigged the elections as usual. Then subsequently the MDC split and small parties were generated though the mother base remained.
The real crisis for Zimbabweans is that, originally the MDCT chose to go into a GNU or government of National unity 2000-2013, and even though the former South African president Thabo Mbeki had managed to facilitate the Establishment of Electoral Reforms, necessary for Free and Fair elections, the opposition leaders in the GNU failed to put any of the five Electoral Reforms in place. and chose to enjoy Monday morning teas with Mugabe until their tenure expired and they foolishly gave away all seats to Zanu Pf by withdrawing their members from parliarment, hence losing any opportunity to ballot against or fight any changes Zanu Pf choose/
In hind sight, there were three decisions that have effectively set the nation 20 years back, which are,firstly the GNU formation, secondly the withdrawal from parliarment of MDC T while at the same time enjoying Zanu PF benefits such as government mansions amongst other things.
As if thats not all, Mugabe selectively talks of democracy when he is threatened with removal through non diplomatic means. This means that for Zimbabwe’s opposition, the drawback is that they heavily relied on international funding under the auspices of democracy and could not employ other, not necessary democratic, yet effective methods of unseating Mugabe and his Zanu PF.
The honus is now upon opposition leaders to come together in a powerful united opposition and as sad as it sound, the fact that Tsvangirai has appointed two deputy vice presidents Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri as to serve a below his deputy, Thokozani Khupe in seemingly an exit tactic from the MDC T leadership, opens up a whole new welcoming hand to other opposition to join Big Tent against Mugabe as Tsvangirai’s presence was allegedly a barring factor in that area.
With this development in MDC T and the rise of Theprotests across Zimbabwe has generated a new brand of defiance to Mugabe and his Zanu PF as the protests are non politically affiliated. They are all people’s protest, by the people for the people of Zimbabwe and it does not matter whether one is Zanu PF or opposition, they are welcome to join the protests as long as they feel the issues before hand have direct effect on their lives,
The issues include, 90% unemployment, no Service Delivery in health care, education, housing and water reticulation and no Zimbabwean family, coloured, black, white, any tribe, religion or creed can lay claim to the fact that the crisis before us has not affected them in one way or other, therefore there is no excuse for anyone not joining the wave of protests to force Mugabe and his Zanu PF out as we all know that there being no electoral reforms for 2018, Mugabe is there to rule for lfe. ,#T Mugabe Must Go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Sibusiso Ngwenya carrying the ‘MUGABE MUST GO’ poster at the ZimbabweHouse, London Zimvigil protest.

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