‘There Is No Suitable Successor To Mugabe’-Minister Christopher Mushowe .

EMPOWERMENT Minister Christopher Mushowe has said that President Robert Mugabe’s continued stay in power is because there is no one fit to take over from him.

President Robert Mugabe turned 91 this year and has led the country for 35 years, since independence in 1980.

The veteran leader has rejected calls to consider retirement, insisting that the country still needs him.

His Zanu PF party has already nominated him as its candidate for the 2018 elections when he would be 94 years old.

Addressing youths gathered to commemorate the United Nations Youths Day in Harare Thursday, Mushowe said Mugabe has not identified a suitable leader to replace him.

“The President cannot get into his grave without ensuring that there is a leader who has the qualities of taking over his reigns,” said Mushowe.

Although Mugabe claims he is the only one who can lead Zimbabwe, the country continues to struggle with an economic crisis that has lasted nearly 15 years.

He was re-elected for another five-year term in 2013, promising an economic boom and more than two million new jobs.

However, two years on, companies continue to shut down and, in recent weeks, up to 20,000 workers have found themselves jobless.

Mushowe acknowledged the challenges, but blamed them on colonialism.

“We have the largest number of unemployment which was caused by foreigners who plundered our natural resources.

“Now this is the time to exploit our resources and benefit from them,” said Mushowe before applauding the youths for being disciplined. source-newzimbabwe

photo- Minister Christopher Mushohwe


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