Theresa May Will Succeed Cameron As UK , Second Female PM Out Of 76 PMs Since I 721 On Wednesday,


Theresa May , a lonstanding critic of the European Human Rights Convention,will suceed Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday after Andrea Leadsom, pulled out of the Leadership race earlier on Monday, reportedly  for the sake of unity in the conservative party

Tomorrow, the UK prime minister, David Cameron will attend his last cabinet meeting then attend a Wednesday House of Commons gathering for Prime Minister’s Questions and then quit after the Prime Minister’s Question time.

He will then proceed to Buckingham Palace, where he will offer his resignation  to the Queen and Theresa May will about half an hour later arrive at Buckingham Palace to formally introduce herself and accept the post of Uk Prime Minister.

David cameron has been the Uk PM since 2010, and even though he had announced his resignation immediately after the Brexit vote, and indicated that he would be in office for a few more months to allow a smooth transition, this comes as a surprise.

Since 1721 the UK has had 74 Prime ministers and Theresa May will be the second female Uk Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher in the 80’s.  By Sibusiso Ngwenya…More news to follow.

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