‘They Beheaded, ‘NeHanda, Kaguvi, Display The (War Trophies), Skulls In UK’ Yet Mourn The Lion (Cecil).

AN angry Grace Mugabe on Thursday had no kind words for westerners, telling them that they have no right to tell Zimbabweans what to do with their animals.

The First Lady expressed shock at people who spend most of their time mourning a lion rather than human life.

The killing of Cecil did not go down well with animal rights activists world-wide, with thousands signing a petition entitled ‘Demand Justice for Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe.’

Addressing people who had gathered at the launch of the Bulawayo Irrigation Scheme at Binga Kraal Primary school, President Mugabe’s wife said the priorities of Zimbabweans and those of foreigners were different.

The entire Zanu PF Women’s League executive, ruling party MPs and several government ministers attended the launch which was also beamed live by Zimbabwe Television (ZTV).

“Mbuya NeHanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and others started fighting for what is theirs in the 1800s,” fumed Grace.

“They were beheaded and their heads are displayed in Britain as war trophies; these people who displayed trophies are mourning Lion Cecil.”

She added: “They are hypocrites.

“Get me right, we love our animals, but we do not want hypocrites.”

“What is important human life or animal life, who are they (Americans) to come and tell us about our animals.”

Addressing thousands of Zimbabweans this week, President Mugabe, for the first time, publicly condemned the killing of Cecil the Lion by an American dentist Walter Palmer a few weeks ago, saying locals failed to protect the animal.

“All that is above the land, growing, the forest, the creatures, those creeping, those running on fours, even Cecil the Lion is yours,” Mugabe said then.

“He (Cecil) is dead but he was yours to protect, but you failed to protect him.”

According Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion was a major tourist attraction. source-newzimbabwe


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