This is a great moment! A new zimbabwe vision is on the horizon as several tanks have been rolling into Harare in a clear show of force that enough is enough, after Gen Chiwenga’s warning over the chaos

THIS IS A GREAT MOMENT FOR ZIMBABWE! AFTER GEN CONSTANTINO CHIWENGAS CHILLING WARNING THAT the military will not hesitate to step in and protect the revolution, several tanks have been rolling into Harare in a clear show of force that enough is enough, as according to witnesses, the soldiers were clearly on high alert and ready fighting mode. The nation and the media now await a statement and further action as it looks like the military is set to put a stop to Mugabe and wife saga and give back the motherland to the people of Zimbabwe.

Remember the military is now out to shut down the rise of Grace and stop her aged 93 year old husband from further destruction of the nation. Let the tanks lead, give our soldiers a rousing welcome, cheer them on, walk safely behind in full support of a military coup, we need the motherland back now! The people and the army are one on this, Mugabe must go! We only have one shot at liberation,…this is it
Unconfirmed reports on the ground are that, the army has been camped around Mugabe’s ‘Blue residence in Borrowdale’ and have stopped him leaving the premises, demanding that he should step down.
We are on the verge of a major people victory against oppression with the military in front, for the people and with the people. People must come in full force, dance, sing, whistle, ululate and urge the military forward stay clear of violence and destruction but let your numbers and support demonstrate the people’s will because this is Great moment,..Mugabe must go! If anyone has witnessed anything, knows anything or is in the thick of action, roll your cameras and go live for the world to know immediately whats happening. Please do get in touch with newzimbabwevison media platforms for breaking news, email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to or whatsapp to
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Share the development with all your friends and family world wide and interpret the development for any who still are misinformed,..lets go Zimbabwe! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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