THREE armed Zimbabweans steal US$180 000 from Mr Farai Vengesai (27) , a Nketa 6, Bulawayo man,visiting relatives in Killarney suburb.

Mr Farai Vengesai (27) lost the money and his Samsung S10 phone worth about US$1 000 to the armed robbers who fired shots before robbing him as he was about to close the gate shortly after arriving at his aunt’s house.
The incident occurred on Tuesday last week at about 7:30PM and the suspects are still on the run.

Police said the armed robbers fired once in the air but Mr Vengesai’s relatives said a number of shots were fired.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday confirmed the incident.
He said Mr Vengesai drove into the yard but was robbed as he was trying to close the gate.
“A Toyota Corolla emerged with three unknown adults who disembarked from the car and one of them was allegedly brandishing a revolver which he fired once in the air. The other one then smashed the window of the car and pointed a gun to the driver and they got away with US$180 000 and a Samsung S10 worth US$1 000,” said Insp Ncube.

He said investigations are underway.
Insp Ncube appealed to anyone who may have information on the matter to come forward.
He urged people to take the necessary safety measures when travelling with large sums of money.
“Apart from urging members of the public and the business community to avoid keeping or carrying large sums of money in their homes; if you happen to be carrying large sums of money consider hiring security escort. Even the police; a private person can seek the services of the police. You can arrange with the local police station that you would be carrying large sums of money so assist me or engage private security companies,” he said.
A comment could not be obtained from Mr Vengesai yesterday as he could not be located.
However, a Chronicle news crew yesterday visited the Killarney suburb residence where the armed robbery occurred.

The family narrated how they were terrified when the gunmen pounced.
The victim’s aunt who declined to be named said Mr Vengesai had just paid them a visit when robbers attacked him.
She said a number of shots were fired.
“It happened on Tuesday last week at about 7:28PM when my nephew who lives in Nketa had just visited us. As he drove into the yard, he was followed by the armed robbers who started firing shots in the air. We were so terrified we locked ourselves in the house as the shots were fired. I don’t know how many times those guys shot in the air.
“For a moment I felt like my heart had stopped. We were worried that once they were done with him, they would break into the house,” she said.
The aunt said after the robbers had left, Mr Vengesai told them that they had ordered him not to look at their faces as they pushed him to the ground.
She said she is still traumatised following the incident.
The aunt said they were just an ordinary family but knew that their nephew was involved in deals which saw him carrying a lot of money. She did not specify the nature of the deals. chronicle

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