Zimbabweans Graduate At Harvard Medical School Through The United States Student Achievers Programme


Photo-EducationUSAZimbabwe-Zimbabwean USAP students  who graduated from Harvard Medical School .

Rising from the entropy and suffering in their motherland, a visionary trio, of Zimbabwean USAP students,  comprising  Dr. Portia Chipendo,  Dr. Emmanuel Magara and Dr. Fallon Chipidza have sucessfully  graduated from Harvard Medical School as Zimbabwean USAP students .

The three did not let their economic background or standard educational facility backgrounds, hamper their development. Instead they used that as a step to unimaginable heights of achievement including their graduation from  Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Fallon Chipidza went to Harare’s Vainona High school, where she received  a scholarship that enabled her  to complete her A level  studies at the Catholic Regina Mundi school in Gweru, Midlands.

At Regina Mundi, Dr. Fallon Chipidza rose to being the school Headgirl , while  Dr. Portia Chipendo went to Seke 1 High school in Chitungwiza town.

At Seke 1 High School, Dr. Portia Chipendo received a scholarship that enabled  her to progress to   Gateway High school before moving on to Wesleyan University.

Dr. Emmanuel Magara  rose from Goromonzi  and progressed to Oberlin.

This is a moving, powerful and highly uplifting story, infact a strong reminder to all, that if you dare to dream, only the sky, is your limit. It is now everyone’s hope that their success opens doors to many more dreams and achievements globally by Zimbabweans, and that these three successful  Harvard Medical School graduates courtesy of the USAP will return to their motherland Zimbabwe, to help rebuild the Service Delivery in Health care.

The (USAP) United States Student Achievers Program  is a USA Higher education programme  designed for  well rounded, highly focused, students who demonstrate leadership potential, academic excellence and demonstrate a well centred ethos  in their community and background.

The young  achievers are carefully  selected  from low-income backgrounds drawn from such countries as Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Brazil, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Colombia, Latvia, Mongolia, Madagascar and  Serbia.

Once in the USA, the successful applicants, study at colleges and universities then progress to graduate studies or work.

By Sibusiso Ngwenya.




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