Transform Zimbabwe ( TZ) pays bail for five activists and leaders including two ladies badly brutalized by police during the Saturday NERA protest


Hello Zimbabwe.

We managed to pay bail for five of the activists and leaders who were arrested during the Saturday NERA demonstrations. Today we paid bail for the two ladies badly brutalized by the police. Their story is horrible. The narration of the story send people crying at the Avenues Clinic.

I am coming from Avenues Clinic where they have been admitted into the ICU. My wife was hugely grieved by the situation of the ladies.

Tomorrow we are paying bail for more leaders and activists who were arrested and granted the exorbitant bail of $400 each. This include Hon Ronia Bunjira of MDC-T. We want to make sure that we get all the women released first.

Your support is most welcome. Our resolve is unshakable. This struggle continues until victory is achieved!

Jacob Ngarivhume
President, TZ


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