Trevor Ncube reportedly tweets “If Morgan Tsvangirai is your hero then you don’t belong to a new transformative Zimbabwe.”

Trevor Ncube reportedly tweets “If Morgan Tsvangirai is your hero then you don’t belong to a new transformative Zimbabwe.”

“SA-based Zimbabwean publisher Trevor Ncube torched a storm this weekend with this tweet, stirring up old loyalties, new fears and a whole hornet’s nest of 16 years of bitterly-fought Zimbabwean politics,” reported News24.

Of course, Ncube was right and the only reason why he stirred a hornet’s nest in saying it is there are many people out there who know that Tsvangirai is a corrupt and incompetent sell-out but do not have the guts to admit it. When Thomas Mapfumo said Tsvangirai was a “sell-out” on Nehanda radio an year or so ago he too had some people in a huff.

Anyone who dared criticize then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in the early 1980s ran the risk of being lynched. It was not until the late 1990s, with the national economy in the gutter and over 20 000 political murders under his belt, that people finally accepted Mugabe for the incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrant was/is. By the mid 1980s there was a mountain of evidence already, showing that Mugabe was a corruption and murderous tyrant; they did not need whole Himalayas Mountain range of more evidence and 20 years to convince them. before the reality of the monster Mugabe finally sunk in.

Bad habits die hard; there is overwhelming body of evidence already proving that Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent, some people are electing to ignore it.

Tsvangirai has blundered from pillar to post ever since he emerged on the country’s political stage as the leader of MDC in 1999. A former USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe 2004 to 2007, Chris Dell, described Tsvangirai in a leaked cable as “a flawed and indecisive character” after meeting the man a few times. It was his failure to get even one reform implemented in five years in GNU that proved Ambassador Dell was right about Tsvangirai.

Implementing the democratic reforms was the primary task of the GNU and there was no other logical explanation why not even one reform was implemented, other than that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are corrupt and incompetent. President Mugabe bribed them with the gravy train lifestyles plus the $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai, in return they kick implementing the democratic reforms into the tall grass.

The democratic reforms were designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship by end Mugabe’s dictatorial control over Police, ZEC, etc.; end the looting national resources to bankroll vote rigging schemes; etc. If MDC had implemented the reforms during the GNU then the 2013 elections would have been free, fair and credible; we would not have this corrupt Zanu PF dictatorship still lording over our lives. Zimbabwe would have been totally transformed for the better!

Implementing the democratic reform and holding of free, fair and credible elections remain the key to ending the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF rule and to transforming Zimbabwe.

There is a mountain of evidence out there to prove Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent and hence the reason he failed to implement even one reform during the GNU. He cannot be trusted to implement the reforms going forward because he still does not know what they are.

Those who continue to follow Tsvangirai and trust him to deliver democratic transformation are doing so out of stubbornness and ignorance. The same stubbornness and ignorance that stopped us seeing President Mugabe as the corrupt and murderous tyrant for 20 years, time for him to establish now this deeply entrench dictatorship.

Trevor Ncube is warning the nation of the perils of following corrupt and incompetent leaders like Tsvangirai. It is ironic that the stubborn and ignorant; who should have seen Tsvangirai for failed leader he is by now, if they did not have their heads buried in the sand; are the ones would not listen.

If the truth be told, Zimbabwe is in this political and economic mess because our electorate is largely stubborn and ignorant.

It will take competent – not corrupt and incompetent – leaders to implement the democratic reforms and, in turn, it will take an informed and diligent – not a stubborn and ignorant – electorate to elect competent leaders. The fact that Ncube’s twitter static a historic fact of Tsvangirai’s incompetence “torched a storm” is proof that we still have many stubborn and ignorant voters out there, is proof we are not ready for a healthy and functional democracy and economic recovery.
Source – Patrick Guramatunhu

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