Tsvangirai Claims, Although Free Government House, He’s Denied Terminal Benefits & Cars

OPPOSITION MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai enjoys free board at a $4 million government villa in the leafy bits of Harare.

He took occupancy of the residency as prime minister during the coalition government and has remained there despite the end of that fractious arrangement with his pummelling by President Robert Mugabe at the 2013 elections.

The MDC leader is not burdened with a mortgage or rentals for the property which was acquired for him by government.

The property was also given a million-dollar makeover at the State’s expense for the convenience of the then prime minister.

Still, Tsvangirai appears to be throwing up a moan.

The Mercedes Benz vehicle he used as prime minister is battered beyond repair, says the MDC-T leader’s spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka.

Tsvangirai is also, allegedly, being refused his terminal benefits by the cash-strapped administration.

Tamborinyoka explained his boss’ gripe to Newsday.

“He (Tsvangirai) has not received anything from the government, not his pension, not even a car,” he said.

“Most of his compatriots who served as ministers were allowed to take the vehicles they were using.

“Most, if not all, of his juniors walked away with off-road vehicles as well as other cars, but he only got the battered Mercedes-Benz (vehicle) that is now beyond repair.

“This is despite the fact that according to the agreement used to form the coalition government, Tsvangirai and Mugabe shared executive powers.”

Tamborinyoka was quick to clarify that Tsvangirai was not necessarily in absolute want but merely pointing out an irregularity.

“They owe him, but you must know why he is not making a fuss about it,” said the spokesperson.

“It is because for him participation in the GNU (government of national unity) was never about his personal material needs.

“It was about service and sacrifice and this is why for three of the four years he was Prime Minister, Tsvangirai was staying in his own house.”

Tamborinyoka claimed the former premier was being punished for refusing to accept defeat in the 2013 polls which the opposition leader insists were rigged by Mugabe.

“These (benefits) are his entitlements and he earned them. However, he is not going to beg anyone,” said Tamborinyoka.


“If the condition is that he must first say the 2013 election was legitimate for them to give him his dues, then tough luck.

“Mugabe is punishing Tsvangirai for refusing to recognise his 2013 electoral theft.

“That (accepting election defeat) is not going to happen. He is not going to endorse that fraud.”


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