MDC T Spokesman Says Tsvangirai Is In Good Shape And Has Now Been Discharged From Hospital In South Africa

The leader of  Zimbabwe’s  largest opposition, MDC-T leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai who missed Saturday’s MDC-T protest against a debilitating economy and the people’s suffering under Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime, because he was in hospital, since last week because of ill health,  has been  discharged .

Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, was in  a private South African hospital but the MDC T party  spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka says Morgan Tsvangirai  is well now and  has been released.

Tsvangirai reportedly underwent an undisclosed  medical procedure over an undisclosed ailment, however MDC T  leaders claim that the opposition party leader, is  actually  still recovering  from internal injuries received in 2009, in a horrendous car accident  which overturned his vehicle and resulted in the death of his  first wife, Susan.

The recently frail appearing Morgan Tsvangirai was seen to be holding onto his wife Elizabeth Macheka as he walked with his supporters in the MDC T protest in Harare, last month.  By Sibusiso Ngweya

photo-A visibly frail MDC-T leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, holding onto his wife Elizabeth Macheka as they walked along with supporters during the Harare MDC T march

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