Two Armed Robbers Raid Bulawayo Sauerstown Fuel Station During Zesa Powercut

TWO men brandishing a pistol took advantage of a Zesa power cut to rob a filling station in Bulawayo where they got away with $650 and a cellphone. They allegedly fired a shot at Sauerstown Service Station some five minutes after electricity went out in the suburb at around 7PM on Sunday.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango referred questions to national spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi.

Chief Supt Nyathi on Wednesday said police were preparing a statement which had not been availed yesterday.

Kudakwashe Kubvuruno, 31, a petrol attendant said:

“It was raining and scores of people had sought shelter at our filling station before Zesa went off. The rain eased for a bit and everyone left the filling station. When I returned to my office, which I share with an EcoCash agent, I didn’t notice two men who crept behind my back.

They fired a shot and immediately pounced on me.”

He said they demanded all the cash that he had, and went through his pockets.

“They took away $650 and my cellphone and immediately fled from the scene. I saw them run away onto the road where a vehicle briefly illuminated them. I only noticed that one of them wore a green tracksuit jacket.

“I didn’t notice whether the car stopped for them as I was in panic. That’s when I noticed that the EcoCash agent was nowhere to be seen.

He later said he fled during the attack and hiked to the city centre,” said the attendant.

He said he reported the matter to the police.

Kubvuruno said he suspects the robbers might have studied his movements earlier because they only searched the pockets he had put money in.

Aldophous Dube, the owner of the service station, said he was wondering why robberies always seem to coincide with power cuts.

“One would suspect the robbers will be aware that Zesa will be cut off. I can’t blame the police because the police patrols in this suburb are excellent. Actually, I’m told the robbery occurred after police had passed through during the patrols.

“We’ve heard of a number of such similar robberies and we just hope this team could be caught as soon as possible,” said Dube. Whinsley Masara, Chronicle

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