‘UN summit , members no longer take President Robert Mugabe serious due to his careless rants during summits’


An international researcher and well traveled Ken Yamamoto has said in his findings from a Chinese fellow who partakes in the United Nations summits, members no longer take Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe serious due to his careless rants during summits such that they have even given him a nick name.

Mugabe is known for his rhetoric of calling for removal of sanction against his country in every summit that he attends such that delegates no longer take him serious and have got used to his rants.

Yamamoto in his wide researched article said Mugabe was likely to [pull out of the UN alone if anything he said that some members states especial from Africa were contemplating pulling out of the bloc if they are not given two seats in the top brace of the UN.

He said by the way Africa had a very little contribution to the UN budget and after all Zimbabwe was the most benefactor of the UN and was the most to lose out if what he threatened Africa want to do could happen.

“So Mugabe threat is just one of those empty threats. There is no strategy to it. Interestingly a contact in the top echelons of Chinese  government advised me that nobody really takes Mugabe seriously at the UN with his rambling speeches. He says that they now refer typo him as “that mad man from the tropics.” source-byo24

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