UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE 2019 class of graduating medical students to boycott their graduation due to be capped by President Mnangagwa.

This is a prominent stance by the Medical students in solidarity with missing union activist Dr Peter Magombeyi, who many believe was abducted.

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The students issued a letter copied to the dean of students at the medical school., addressed to Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the University of Zimbabwe’s chancellor, indicating that they had resolved to boycott the graduation ceremony in solidarity with a “selfless individual who decided to put himself in the forefront in demanding a fair living wage for the health profession”.

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Deputy minister of information Energy Mutodi, on his official Twitter account @energymutodi, accused doctors of being politicians and implied that the missing doctor would “sober up and find his way home”.

The withdrawal from the graduation ceremony is the first direct resistance Mnangagwa has encountered from the doctors over the suspected abduction.

Zimbabweans in New York have vowed to protest against Mnangagwa when he arrives in the Big Apple for the UN General Assembly later this week.

the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association acting chairperson Dr Peter Mugobeyi who was abducted almost a week ago has been found disoriented and trying to get lifts to Harare’

HARARE medical doctor Peter Magombeyi , was yesterday found at Nyabira, approximately 20km from the city centre.
According to reports, on his mobile phone last night, Dr Magombeyi said he was safe and sound.

“I’m safe and sound. I don’t have much to say but I’m in Nyabira, waiting for my colleagues to come and pick me up.”

He added that he had a hazy recollection of what had transpired since he his kidnappig last weekend.

“I only remember that I was kidnapped by three men in town and I do not remember what happened afterwards,” he said.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) secretary general Dr Mthabisi Bhebhe also confirmed that Dr Magombeyi had been found.

“I have called him and he indicated he is safe and sound. I personally spoke to him. He is in bushy area somewhere but he is well,” he said.
In a phone interview the missing Dr Magombeyi indicated that he had a poor recollection of being taken by unnamed people, including poor memories of being electrocuted, denied food to eat or being blindfolded, all too vague for him to articulate

“I remember being in a basement of some sort, being electrocuted at some point, that is what I vividly remember. I, I just don’t remember.”

.”I barely remember anything. I think I am having retrograde amnesia, I just don’t know.”

One of Magombeyi’s colleagues said that the missing Doctor was picked up by the police who took him to Central Police Station in Harare.

Dr Magombeyi’s lawyers said police have so far denied them permission to have access to their client, Dr Magombeyi. Zimbabwe’s Police spokesperson Asst Commissioner Nyathi would not comment on the issue, and stated that he will issue a statement later.

Dr Solwayo Ngwenya, Bulawayo Mpilo Hospital clinical director, posted on Twitter saying a “disoriented” Dr Peter Mugobeyi was seen looking for transport to Harare.

“Someone called to say they have just spoken to Peter who says that he is disoriented and trying to get lifts to Harare. Please motorists be on the look out,” posted Ngwenya.’

My advice is that, as great as this might appear, lets not get tooexcited about it because we have no proof that Dr Peter Mugobeyi has really been found, and there is no indication on where exactly he is or has been found, nothing about his state apart from that he is disorientated.

Is he disorientated because of being assaulted and or poisoned in captivity, are these phone texts genuine or simply sent by his kidnappers? Is he alive at all?

Why would Dr Solwayo Ngwenya fail to arrange contact with other key people in the medical section in the area where he is supposed to be, to get Dr Peter Mugobeyi and givehim a thorough medical assessment, a secure place for the night in the hands of the nearest contacts to Mugobeyi in the medical profession then after a good night’s rest, arrrange his safe return to Harare?

It is possible, that its simply a false story that Mugobeyi himself has been found and could very well be a prerun to the ‘grande finale’ by Zanu pf, ‘ body of the missing doctor’ found floating in a river or something of that sort, to fit in with anything they would have done like kill him, which is typical of Zanu pf, and then claim its suicide because he was disorientated for unknown reasons.

At present, this is all nonsense that no Zimbabwean should buy into. Doctors protesting his safe return must not back down until he is safely returned and gives an account of his whereabouts and what has transpired since he went missing on Saturday. At present this is all appearing like a preschool classroom fiction story, nothing more!

Just yesterday a High Court Judge Justice Clement Phiri granted an order allowing Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) to peacefully march from Harare Parirenyatwa Hospital to within 20 metres from the Zimbabwe Parliament this afternoon.

I also informed the public about the #Free Zimbabwe World Awareness Campaign as Mnangagwa and his delegation, will face mass protest at the UN General Assembly in New York next week, from Zimbabweans based in the US.

This is organised by the MDC’s US Chapter as well as Zimbabweans based in Canada over the deteriorating rights situation in the country.

Mnangagwa and his ruthless militarised Zanu pf State security agents are accused of kidnapping the youthful medical doctor Peter Magombeyi, the acting president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association from his home in Harare at the weekend on Saturday.

The MDC provincial chairperson for Canada and America, Tawanda Dzvokora, said the call to action is because of the deteriorating human rights situation against political and civic leaders and Zimbabweans in general in Zimbabwe.

The crisis in Zimbabwe is real and Zimbabweans need to escalate global attention to the suffering of the people caused my Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime, after countless abductions estimated at over 50 since January 2019. Those in free democratic space across the world should stand together and call for a tighter economic and travel sanctions to be rolled out again Mnangagwa’s militarised Zanu pf regime, his henchmen and cartel leaders who are bringing misery upon the people.

We need to pressure the globe through mass protests at local Zimbabwe embassies in the different diaspora countries that Zimbabweans have been forced into exile at and seek to bar trade with Zimbabwe in anything including raw materials, finished goods, minerals and services until Zimbabwe, Respects the Rule of Law, implements Electoral Reforms and protects thepeople’s human rights including allowing freedom of speech and assembly.

Mnangagwa’s presence at the UN is a moment not to be missed as the people have the power to bring change by bringing this crisis to Global attention through protests , which will be held under the title, #Free Zimbabwe World Awareness Campaign starting 21 September at the UN headquarters in the US where Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa is due to deliver his second ever speech at the UN General Assembly next week, a place all too familiar to the deposed , yet to be buried late former president Robert Mugabe who kept a closed democratic space from Zimbabweans, and clearly, many innocent lives in Zimbabwe are being lost in broad daylight, falsely arrested and charged with treason for opposing the oppresive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu-PF regime by Paul Ngwenya

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