‘ (UZ) VICE CHANCELLOR Professor Levi Nyagura, was arrested on Friday for allegedly fraudulently awarding Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe a fake Doctor of Philosophy degree achieved in only three months of study’

Mnangagwa warned in January 2018 against corruption and nepotism rampant at institutions of higher learning Zimbabwe after the awarding of bogus degrees.Nyagura arrested over Grace Mugabe PhD
The issue is clearly of major government concern because Mnangagwa in January declared that perpetrators of such corruption will be swiftly brought to book so that academic awards will only be given to deserving students on merit.
Mnangagwa’s concerns came after the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) began investigations into am alleged fake Doctor of Philosophy degree to former First Lady Grace Mugabe achieved in just three months.
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZAAC) aimed the investigation at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) lecturer Professor Claude Mararike on allegations of abuse of office over fraudulently awarding the doctrate.
Zimbabweans can now celebrate as the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura, was arrested and appeared in court on Friday for allegedly fraudulently awarding Mrs Grace Mugabe the fake PhD,
Harare magistrates court gave Prof Nyagura, a US$200 bail for Abuse of office and ordered him to surrendering his passport, reside at his stated Borrowdale address in Harare and not interfere with State witnesses .
The following people were called upon as state witnesses, namely Professor Rudo Gaidzanwa and Drs Julius Museveni, Watch Ruparanganda and one Sadomba.
Nyagura’s arrest by Zacc on Friday arose because Nyagura is charged with Abuse of Office for allegedly awarding Grace Mugabe with the fake PhD without a university council and senate approval.
Professor Claude Mararike is said to have supervised Grace Mugabe’s doctrate.
Recently, the UZ vice chancellor Professor Nyagura described UZ lecturers in the Department of Sociology as “ignorant Messrs and doctors” lacking capacity to supervise a PhD student after they distanced themselves from the award and demanded answers over it because they had no record of Grace Mugabe’s study for a degree awarded by their institution for study in their faculty, the Department of sociology.
A Harare magistrate recently issued a warrant empowering the ZACC to search and seize all documents pertaining to the Grace Mugabe doctrate award.
The list of required documents in the investigations include
-Grace Mugabe’s pre-registration application form
-Grace’s research proposal which she allegedly submitted to the Department of Sociology
-Minutes of Faculty departmental board which detail assigning a supervisor to Grace Mugabe’s study
-Academic certificates of her supervisor
-Miinutes showing that the doctoral degree passed through the Academic Committee
-Minutes of the UZ senate recommending to the university council the conferment of the doctorate on Grace Mugabe.
-Progress reports at the Post Graduate Centre
-Copies of contract of research assistant and contract of teaching assistant in respect of Mr Justice Tandire.
– UZ Faculty Ordinance number 44
-UZ quality assurance guidelines and benchmarks for management and supervision of higher degrees by research
– General Academic Regulations for Post-Graduate Degrees of the university of Zimbabwe 1998/99 Volume 11
-Copies of the transcript, notification and Doctor of Philosophy Degree awarded to Grace Mugabe.
The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) has since filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court to set aside the search warrant in panic over the pending exposure of the rot in place and how far reaching it can be with regards to any fake doctrates, associated lectures and the recipients of the awards, especially knowing that many will be arrested and this could be the real ‘diplomatic’ imprisonment of Grace Mugabe as the Crocodile Emmerson Mnangagwa slowly reverses the ridiculous hefty pension award given to Mugabe…Interesting! More news to follow, by Sibusiso Ngwenya

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