Vascoda Mugabe’s National Airline, ‘Air Zimbabwe’, Grounded Due To Acute Fuel Shortage

While Zimbabwe’s President, Globetrotter ‘Vascoda Mugabe’ flies all over the world and spends more time mid air than on the ground, only paying short term visits to Zimbabwe for a change of socks, the national airline, Air Zimbabwe is facing critical aviation fuel shortages.The situation is so bad that the acute fuel shortages have led  to Air Zimbabwe having to cancel all morning fights and delay some to later that day.

Zimbabwe’s  regional counterparts have also been approached by Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime for assistance over the fuel crisis in the last  week  thereby forcing the Zimbabwe Under-23 football national team to endure long waiting periods whilst grounded , simply for a short term haul flight cross to South Africa as they did yesterday where they were due to play  in the last leg of their CAF Under-23 championship qualifier.

The Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Obert Mpofu has also confirmed that the national Airline carrier, is facing  critical  fuel shortages though he was evasive enough to claim that it was simply an administrative hitch and that, it was the responsibility of the Energy and Power Development Ministry for the importation of the fuel.

Whilst the week long  fuel shortages also affected Zambia and South Africa, it is important to note that the two countries hold  enough reserves to sustain operations, without any interruptions to service unlike the Air Zimbabwe situation, whose daily consumption amounts to a total of 90 000 litres.

Unsurprisingly so the Zanu PF, Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Samuel Undenge claims because he has been out of town, he is unaware of the mentioned  Airline  fuel . by Sibusiso Ngwenya. See more at

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